Beyond Surface Technologies AG

Ecological Textile Finishing High water and energy consumption, waste gas emissions as well as chemicals detrimental to the environment and health – the relationship between industrial textile finishing and sustainability objectives is often problematic. One company rising to these challenges and proactively looking for solutions is Beyond Surface Technologies AG from Pratteln. Sustainability and performance form the cornerstones of this Swiss outfit. The mission is clearly defined: creating better chemicals for textiles without compromising on quality with a view to reducing the impact of textile finishing on the environment. To this end BST eliminates risks from the outset. The company replaces fossil-based raw materials with renewables or reduces their quantity thereby cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Raw materials are always selected with consideration for our environment: by using a so-called Greenscreen procedure based on CAS numbers, the company established in 2008 chooses the options with the lowest possible chemical hazard potential. This results in finishes such as the USDA and GOTS-certified miDori evoPel, based in part on plant seeds and organic carbon-based additives that make textiles water-repellent.



Beyond Surface Technologies AG

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