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Albini: Since 1876, Albini has been creating yarn dyed and piece dyed fabrics selected from the finest yarns. The use of the best raw materials and stylistic research are the cornerstones of a proposal 100% Made in Italy. Albiate: Creativity, knowledge, experimentation: these are the main coordinates that characterise the voyage of research in which Albiate1830 revolutionises the excellence of light weight fabrics. Thomas Mason: Thomas Mason is characterised by a strictly British heritage. The best two ply cotton is used to create yarn dyed and piece dyed fabrics expressed in a colourful offering.


Albini Group

Via Dr. Silvio Albini 1
24021 Albino (Bergamo)

Telefon:+39 035777111
Fax:+39 035777500

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Claire Colleoni


Mladen Pototschnik

Pototschnik GmbH
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Ennio Macchi

Macchi Textilvertretungen
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Since 1876 our commitment and ambition has been to create the most beautiful fabrics for shirts in the world.