Alpex Protection | H3 | B 08

Alpex-Protection is a european leader for high performing waterproof and breathable fabrics. By combining various technology of lamination (including water based), high performing membrane (PU, PES and PTFE), together with the best fabrics, the PROLINE Range offers the most flexible solution for your foul weather protection requirements.


Alpex Protection

Parc d'activités Stelytec,
Zone B8,
42400 Saint-Chamond

Telefon:+33 477538856
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Stoffe und Laminate für Arbeitskleidung, Feuerwehrbekleidung, Sicherheitskleidung.

Oberstoffe - Membrane, Polyestergewebe, Wattierte Stoffe, Beschichtungen, Fleecestoffe, Funktionstextilien