Cobrax | H2 | A 02

It opens and closes cloths. A small but important item that centers the mystery on the brink of the precipice that attracts an unknown and unsettling desire. Each open button is a revealed secret, a further step to a deeper closeness. Each closed button is a hard barrier; an overwhelming obstacle. Therefore the button is a symbol of communication. So let’s project it as it were an essential monument. Cobrax produces buttons, snaps, eyelets, rivets and accessories.



Viale Della Regione Veneto 3
35127 Padova

Telefon:+39 0498700937

Contact Person

Beatrice Bellorini


Cobrax is the most renowned Italian brand that creates buttons and rivets that, in one word, are iconic. Reference point for the luxury and denim markets, the brand follows four fundamental principles: innovation, quality, beauty and originality.