G-Tex / Goldentex Wool Co. | S1 | E 115

Goldentex was established in 1983 by the Arafa family. A worsted wool mill specialized in producing formal wear fabrics. All production stages are vertically integrated. Design & Sampling, Tops dyeing, Spinning, Weaving, Mending, Finishing All production stages follow strict world class Quality Control and standards. Equipped with advanced and certified laboratories staffed with experts for testing all fabrics and assuring the highest quality standards of mass production. Production Capacity is 3.5 Million meters / annum ( 50% pure wool and 50% wool blends)


G-Tex / Goldentex Wool Co.

Mushier Ismail Street, 3rd Industrial Zone, A1
- 10th of Ramadan City

Telefon:+20 154106989
Fax:+20 25754455


Harald Bender

BTA Harald Bender
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