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Euromark is one of the largest jeans label producers in Europe, with 25/30 mil of leather labels produced every year. In addition to this, we know how to transform any material (microfibers, cotton fabrics and other natural fibres, polyurethane, paper, etc) into impressive labels to enhance your brand’s value and visibility. With a special attention to sustainability, our success is based on creativity, research, know-how and the largest range of technologies.


Euromark Industries Srl

Via Venezia 4/A
35010 Vigonza (PD)

Telefon:+39 0498083211

Contact Person

Chiara Bellamio


Meinolf Landwehr

Landwehr Meinolf Textilagentur
Marienstrasse 21a
D - 33415 Verl

Telefon: +49 52463331
Fax: +49 52468618


Recylabel, the Euromark Sustainable Program for Labels based on the usage of the only EPD certified suede microfibre made from recycled polyester (PET fibres, bottles, uniforms, clothing, banners, industrial waste, etc.).