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Stores Mercerie Spa, since 1933 offers the widest range of fashion accessories for the Industry and for Haberdashery, classic items, fashionable. Availability in the quantities, and production at the request of custom content


Magazzini Mercerie s.p.a

Via Senna 22
50019 Sesto fiorentino -Firenze

Telefon:+39 055319090
Fax:+39 055300033

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francesco ensabella


trimmings embroidered with pearls end cristal stones, macramè laces exclusive patented, wool laces, cotton fringe, wool fringe, tripolino yarn fringe, fake leather fringe custom heights, fringes and edges in real feather colors realization

Zutaten / Accessoires - Spitzen, Stickerei, Applikationen, Bänder, Kordeln, Borten, Garne, Knöpfe, Schließen, Schnallen, Reißverschlüsse