Polo SRL Div. Tessuti | S2 | E 208-211

POLO is an Italian supplier of contemporary woven fabrics and jersey collection, everyday, formal and smart casual, monostretch and bistretch, wool, cotton, linen and viscose blends for shirts, trousers, jackets, suitings and coats. The family-owned company combines quality and innovation in a constantly developed collection. The company focuses not only on product quality, but also on good service and price-quality ratio.


Polo SRL Div. Tessuti

Via S. Leonardo da Porto Maurizio 46/6
59100 Prato

Telefon:+39 0574623698
Fax:+39 0574623537

Contact Person

Marina Rosati


Oliver Schnitzler

LOOMseven GmbH
Montgelasstrasse 15
D - 81679 München

Telefon: +49 8915890548-0
Fax: +49 8915890548-12


Eine innovative und hochwertige Kollektion, breites Angebot von Unis mit besonderem Finish über Jerseys von Kleid bis Mantel, bis hin zu modischen Jacquards.

Oberstoffe - Buntgewebe, Wollstoffe, Baumwollstoffe, Baumwollmischungen, Jacquards, Leinenstoffe, Maschenstoffe