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RDD - Research, Design Development is the “laboratorial company” of the Portuguese Textile Group Valérius, that provides integrated innovative solutions, from new concepts and designs to the final product – top and singular jersey fabrics and knits – for the global fashion brands. RDD releases two influential collections per year, organized in ranges - Essential and Contemporary Fashion. RDD offers jersey fabrics in natural fibres, including organic and recycled alternatives; new age artificial fibres; recycled synthetics.


RDD Textiles LDA*

Rua do Arranjinho, Aldão 121,
Fracção Q, pav. 16,
4750-803 Barcelos

Telefon:+351 2538027901

Contact Person

Elsa Parente


Consciousness is our luxury! We translate this claim to the essence of our original, premium knits at affordable prices through nature and social aware raw materials sourcing, design and production.