Regine IQtrim GmbH | H1 | A 08

A family-owned company based in Albstadt, Germany, and founded 50 years ago, Regine IQtrim Ltd. specialises in narrow and elastic materials available with various finishings, including screen-printing, transfer printing and rotary printing. Key clients include performance cycling, running, outdoor and workwear brands as well as children's wear and street fashion brands.


Regine IQtrim GmbH

Industriestr. 9
72461 Albstadt

Telefon:+49 7432907110
Fax:+49 74329071129

Contact Person

Uli Jenter


IQseen™ Reflex-Material silbern und farbig, hochreflektierend farbig, als Bänder, Paspeln, Elastics und Transferdrucke. Silicon-Elastics, Silicon- und Flexo-Transfers, Metallic-Transfers, Flock-Transfers.

Zutaten / Accessoires - Bänder, Kordeln, Borten, Applikationen Öko-Tex, Bluesign