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The primary goal of Adamant Textile is to investigate the combination of concrete merged with textiles. Furthermore, it investigates exchanging the characteristics of these contrasting materials. Consequently, the work shows the reciprocal influence of both textile and concrete to each other. The resulting pieces possess the main intention to present different expressions of flexibility. These appear through the interaction of textile and concrete, with the textile providing the flexibility. A range of experiments investigate techniques, methods and material qualities to prove, that the required effects of the end result can be fulfilled. The crucial factors are the textile materials, the connection between concrete and textile and the treatment of the resulting surface or object. Depending in which way the crucial components are fused, a variety of expressions in the results can be accomplished. These can be described as rather organic through to geometric, and also depends on whether the piece is in motion. The outcomes provide an overview of design possibilities, of incorporating such contrasting materials to create different properties and unexpected characteristics in each piece.


Ronja Schweiger

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