Samofil Têxteis Lda | S2 | E 224

Operating since 1979, Samofil Têxtil has consolidated its activity in the textile area as a family based company. Supported by over 140 employees, we position ourselves in the textile branch as a verticalized company, operating through a widely diverse set of services and productive valences, such as Knitting, Dyeing, Printing and Knit Finishing. With a production unit that consists of 40 circular knitting machines, we are able to manufacture various types of meshes, such as Jersey, Interlock, Rib, Peluche, Jackard as well as different types of knitting such as Italian, American, Rome, Milano, etc.


Samofil Têxteis Lda

Rua de Casais 311
4765-124 Novais

Telefon:+35 1252900888
Fax:+35 1252900888

Contact Person

Marco Vieira