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Tejidos Royo is a Spanish family owned company founded in 1903, with a clear international vocation, having customers worldwide, currently in more than 40 countries. Our philosophy is to create high added value sustainable and innovative fabrics (Comfort, Stretch and Bistretch textiles with a high technical development) Our company is vertically structured, with a yearly capacity of 20 million meters. "Sustainability as business model and continuous improvement" Tejidos Royo, YOUR ECO INNOVATION PARTNER, "Fabric with values"


Tejidos Royo

Calle Principal Polígono Industrial, 4
46220 Picassent - Valencia

Telefon:+34 961240300
Fax:+34 961240538

Contact Person

Fernando Naval


Denis Purvis

Tejidos Royo
P.O.Box 9092
NL - 1180 MB Amstelveen

Telefon: +31 653160966


TEJIDOS ROYO PRESENTS THE DENIM " THE DELEMENTS": - FIBRE - COLOR - WEAVE - HAND - FINISHING - PERFORMANCE - Each delement gives is a reason to use it in an extraordinary manner, giving the fabrics unique shapes, colours, textures and purpose.