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ad Andreas Dunkel

Schubartstraße 2b/1
70190 Stuttgart



Barui - Jacquard (Oberstoffe - Viskose-, Modal-, Lyocellgewebe, Seidengewebe und -aspekte, Polyestergewebe, Leinenstoffe, Jacquards, Buntgewebe, Baumwollstoffe, Baumwollmischungen)

Bugis - Jersey : Cotton, Blends with Cashmere, Silk, Wool and Linen. Jacquard, Striped, Pique, Velvet, Milano, Interlock, also Organic. (Oberstoffe - Maschenstoffe, Jacquards, Baumwollstoffe, Baumwollmischungen)

Estrema srl - Estrema: fashion fabrics, yarn dyed and piece dyed Domina: woman fashion fabrics, jacquards, lurex, yarn dyed

Fresh - Jacquard (Oberstoffe - Seidengewebe und -aspekte, Polyestergewebe, Leinenstoffe, Jacquards, Drucke, Buntgewebe, Baumwollstoffe, Baumwollmischungen)

Olimpia Tessile - OLIMPIA TESSILE - Specialized in yarn dyed jacquards and solids to match. Fancy and exclusive designs, color trends, mixed bland and natural fibers (Oberstoffe - Viskose-, Modal-, Lyocellgewebe, Seidengewebe und -aspekte, Polyestergewebe, Leinenstoff

Pentagono Seta spa Div. Blue Royal - The BLUE ROYAL DIVISION is focussed on woman's fabrics. Proposes an innovative collection every season with many different kind of techiques.and qualities. Also for this kind of product a strong point is the flexibility in follow customer's requests

Oberstoffe - Viskose-, Modal-, Tencelgewebe, Seidengewebe und -aspekte, Polyestergewebe, Jacquards, Drucke, Buntgewebe, Baumwollstoffe, Baumwollmischungen

Steady - Jersey with woven Look. Wool Qualities, also blended with Cotton ,Linen and Silk. Some bonded, washable, or Special Performance, Mens and Womenswear.