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Tylex Letovice, joint-stock company, is a traditional Czech textile manufacturer. The beginnings of the company date back to 1832.Weaving machines were replaced by jacquards– at first with mechanical and then later on electronic control. Materials noted a gradual shift from cotton to polyester and polyamide. The production includes: • textile applications for interiors: knitted patterned curtains, tablecloths and drapes • knitted rigid and elastic lace and lace ribbons, plain elastic knitted fabrics • technical textile: technical nets and 3D knitted spacer fabrics • services: finishing



Tylex Letovice A.S.

Brnenska 3
67961 Letovice

Phone:+42 0271016401
Fax:+42 0271016221

Contact Person

Zdena Pospíšilová


The laces and tulles come in wide range of color and touch variants, using fine and approved base materials from European suppliers. It can suit the garment and lingerie producers through the high quality and personal attitude.

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