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Texcart's success is the result of quality, design and service in all its products.Experience and innovation made Texcart a leading company in printed and woven labels,hang tags, metallic plates, printed ribbons, real and fake leather labels, stones and cluds and other fashion accessories.Texcart's collections follow the latest fashion trends and exemplify creativity communication and style.Our graphic dept. supports customers throught the whole creative process.Sensitive to the environmental problems TEXCART is able to offer a wide range of ecological material; from papers to different recycled yarns.



Texcart S.r.l.

Viale dell'Industria nr.95
41012 Carpi (MO)

Phone:+39 059692181
Fax:+39 059694315

Contact Person

Chiara Lazzaretti


Sascha Wohlatz

Könen Agentur
Zum Sommerbrink 6
D - 33659 Bielefeld

Phone: +49 52198747011
Fax: +49 52198747012


Woven labels in satin, light satin, taffeta, high definition, high supreme definition, high density.Sublimated printed labels. Linen, silk and cotton labels.Jeans labels in real and fake leather, jacron and suede.Hang tags printed on several supports and with different techniques:hot print, litographic print, serigraphic print, dry relief.Embrodered patches, printed labels, microinjection, colour cards,metallic plates, boxes and packaging.

Zutaten / Accessoires - Verpackung, Bügel, Etiketten, Applikationen Öko-Tex