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Producers od various machines; manual and pneumatic press for assembling automatic and jeans buttons, rivets ecc. Producers of jeans buttons and plastic range/SET of different snap fasteners, jeans buttons ecc. Wholesalers for textile industry : yarn, zippers, label representative, elastics, plstic buckles, wool ecc.



ME-Plast Kozina d.o.o.

Rodiska cesta 16
6240 Kozina

Phone:+386 56800360
Fax:+38 656800362


TECHNICAL DATA: - WORKING DEPTH = 135 mm - maximum height between screw and clamping part = 79 mm - maximum force distress (power) = 500 kg - stroke / Schlaganfall = 35 mm - weight = 9,2 kg MAIN CHARACTERISTICS: - press machine (body) made from ductile cast iron (Gusseisen / Sphäroguss; ghisa nodulare) - main (inside) axis diamtere 28 mm with system »spring return« inside - non-rotating shaft system - not necessary any lubrication - screw with nut M14 1,5 mm which has a hole with standard screw thread, used by standard tools for assambling buttons (lower hole diameter = 12,15 mm)

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