Officina 3 SRL | H2 | B 02

OFFICINA3 was born in 2001, from the long experience in innovative fashion accessories. Thanks to its inventive approach melt with a skilled professionalism, OFFICINA3 started working with the most important worldwide fashion brands thanks to its very high quality level of different techniques: serigraphy, hot printing, high frequency, laser, embroidery, microinjection. OFFICINA3 main goal is to be always one step ahead: research and curiosity are its daily mood to find out new solutions to amaze their customers. OFFICINA3 is a GLOBAL APPAREIL BRANDING Company able to make your creativity come true!



Officina 3 SRL

Via Austria, 30
35127 Padova (PD)

Phone:+39 0498830668

Contact Person

Antonella Caracciolo


Patches: Any material (leather,fake leather, cotton, jacron, rubber, paper, different fabbric) can be used. In any color and any shape, knowing that whichever is the material you want to use, it is certified and of the utmost quality.

Zutaten / Accessoires - Verpackung, Bügel, Spitzen, Stickerei, Etiketten, Bänder, Kordeln, Borten, Applikationen Fair Wear Foundation, FSC