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Over the last more than 10 years PB Acc.Ltd has become more than just the HK office of Peter Buedel GmbH, providing the same service level and ensuring the high product quality to the HQ. PB Acc.Ltd is providing access to products of high-quality local Asian production as well as to the fashionable & skilled EU made products of Peter Buedel GmbH. Enjoy the benefits of both worlds with access to our high fashioned collections or getting started with your own developments. PB Acc.Ltd is your direct local contact for our entire product portfoglio, technical support all around our products as well as QC issues.



PB Accessories LTD.

Room J. 17/IF, Reason Group Tower,,
403 Castle Peak Road,
- Kwai Chung

Phone:+85 223424441
Fax:+85 223427585

Contact Person

Amy Wong