Pentagono Seta spa | S2 | F 207

PENTAGONO is a weaving mill producing mainly soft accessorize like scarves and ties in a very high quality, all made in Italy. A creative team proposes every season wide collections and is very strong in following brands with customized product. The BLUE ROYAL DIVISION is focussed on woman's fabrics. Proposes an innovative collection every season with many different kind of techiques.and qualities. Also for this kind of product a strong point is the flexibility in follow customer's requests and develop new items with them.



Pentagono Seta spa

Div. Blue Royal

Via Enrico Caronti 13
22026 Maslianico (CO)

Phone:+39 031513589
Fax:+39 031340535

Contact Person

Aldo Luoni


accessories: scarves - ties - ponchos - blankets - women's fabrics: solid - jacquards - prints

Oberstoffe - Wollstoffe, Viskose-, Modal-, Tencelgewebe, Seidengewebe und -aspekte, Samte, Maschenstoffe, Leder, Lederimitate, Jacquards, Drucke, Beschichtungen, Baumwollstoffe, Baumwollmischungen, Bademodenstoffe