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TGM International is present in the haute couture sector at an international level. The Group has more than 20 years of experience in fabric design and digital inkjet printing know-how, creating exclusive new collections each season. Creativity and innovation are the key values of TGM International. The Group is in constant search for original and new designs inspired by the world of art, the nature and various forms of creativity. TGM International pays particular attention to new fashion trends and different cultural needs of the countries where it operates.



TGM International s.r.l.

Via Gran Sasso N.20
20011 Corbetta (MI)

Phone:+39 029779146
Fax:+39 0297278114

Contact Person

Francesco Giordano


Concerning our new grounds, we are going to launch some new jacquard bases of silk, polyester and viscose, that combined with our creative and unusual themes of the designs, represent our innovative and high fashion taste of the collection, which is at the same time suitable for all the markets both in style and in price as well.

Oberstoffe - Polyestergewebe, Samte, Baumwollstoffe, Baumwollmischungen, Seidengewebe und -aspekte, Viskose-, Modal-, Tencelgewebe, Drucke, Wollstoffe, Leinenstoffe, Jacquards