Trimalhas Knit Inspiration S.A. | H3 | C 26

Trimalhas brings the best of the Portuguese tradition on textiles with a new wave of innovation, inspiring creators and designers to achieve more complex pieces. We are specialized in the production of knitted fabrics, focused on innovation and always working to provide the best services to our clients. Every day our workforce enjoys a healthy work environment, with our trails and fruit farm around the fabric, while delivering on-time anywhere in the world. Born from the long-standing Portuguese textile experience and with a know-how that allows us to assure a wide variety of knits and create the most innovative fabrics.



Trimalhas Knit Inspiration S.A.

Rua Eng Orlando Vital Marques Rodrigues,
Candoso S.Tiago,
Apartado 532
4835-244 Guimaraes

Phone:+35 1253518368
Fax:+35 1253414310

Contact Person

Carolina Pinto


We develop innovative and global knits such as jersey, jacquard, piqué, fleece, interlock, with the most complex patterns and textures. Our collections have an increasing presence of organic and sustainable knits.

Oberstoffe - Funktionstextilien, Jacquards, Leinenstoffe, Baumwollstoffe, Baumwollmischungen, Drucke, Viskose-, Modal-, Tencelgewebe, Samte, Maschenstoffe, Membrane, Plüsch, Polyestergewebe, Fleecestoffe Better Cotton Initiative, Öko-Tex, GOTS