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Are you ready to get inspired?

BLUEZONE is more than just an exhibition area. It is the place for the Denim and Sportswear Community to meet on 2nd and 3rd February for creative work. Besides a line-up of 80 internationally renowned denim weavers and finishers from leading brands such as Candiani S.p.A., Isko, Orta Anadolu, Tejidos Royo, ITV Denim und Calik Denim, visitors will also find the Zenith Hall as a source of inspiration.

The trend & design studio Monsieur-T., based in Paris, will present a creative think tank on the Blue Stage in BLUEZONE, with a focus on denim trends. Monsieur T. works internationally as a consulting partner for famous brands, advises in terms of brand design and market analysis as well as customized seasonal design and sourcing. The denim art show, staged by the exclusive label “Nadel & Pen”, will present pure inspiration and creativity – 100% tailored, 100% hand-crafted and 100% made in France. WGSN, MUNICH FABRIC START‘s official trend partner, will once again host four exclusive trend seminars in the WGSN Cinema at the BLUEZONE. Please click here for the schedule.

Denim Extremes at BLUEZONE

The latest denim and sportswear developments and finishes will be on display at the BLUEZONE, which will be staged in the unique ambiance of the adjacent Zenith Hall. Held on 2 and 3 February 2015, the show-in-show at MUNICH FABRIC START continues to enjoy extremely strong demand and offers the denim and sportswear community an optimal setting for work that’s both productive and creative.

Running under the heading of DENIM EXTREMES, the Spring.Summer 16 BLUEZONE will feature a better-than-ever line-up of about 80 international denim weavers, finishers and washers. Leading brands such as Candiani SpA, Isko, Orta Anadolu, Tejidos Royo, Calik and Lanificio Europa SNC, ITV Denim and M&J Group will be joined by these notable newcomers: Denim Authority, Industrias Morera Unitin, DNM Textile, Fashion Point and Suryalakshmi Cotton Mills. In summer 2016, denim is confrontational to the extreme. Extreme widths step on to fashion’s playing field and oppose equally extreme slim silhouettes. Super short shorts are confronted by long coats while extremely clean jeans position themselves just as self-confidently as extremely destroyed denims. Completing the BLUEZONE portfolio are denim-related products such as flats, corduroy, mill-washed fabrics, accessories and the latest innovations for resource-friendly finishes.

ECO VILLAGE continues to expand

The importance of sustainability in the textile production is growing constantly. This is demonstrated by the constant rise in visitors and exhibitors in the ECO VILLAGE and the organicselection alike. Together they form the sustainability forum of MUNICH FABRIC START and have been serving as the foundation for ecologically responsible textile sourcing.