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Ever heard that old German nursery rhyme? “Green, green, green are all my dresses….” Today this applies to a pretty substantial proportion of textile and fashion items. And more and more people are looking to a sustainable and environment-conscious lifestyle… Reason enough to network and strengthen the green areas of MUNICHFABRICSTART to an even better and greater extent.

This is why the ECO Village is moving to the Room K3 right next to Lecture Room K4 (TRENDVISIONS) on the ground floor next to the main entrance of Hall 4. This means it will be located right opposite the organicselection Forum in the entrance area of Hall 4 – allowing visitors to capitalise on pooled “green power” in and near Hall 4.

At the Competence Centre ECO Village you will – as usual – find well-versed international experts from non-profit organisations and certifiers consulting you on any issues related to environmental friendliness, social compatibility and eco standards.

The experts at the ECO Village at the MUNICHFABRICSTART AUTUMN.WINTER 12/13 are:


  • Institut für Marktökologie IMO is an independent certifier for all controlled areas from production through to retail.
  • The International Association of Natural Textile Industry (IVN) pools the interests and concerns of all actors in the natural textiles sector.
  • Textile Exchange is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of sustainable textiles along the entire textile supply chain, especially organic cotton.
  • bluesign focuses on developing a standard for the textile industry that covers all the aspects of environment, health and safety.

Featuring for the first time:

  • MADE-BY supports fashion brands and dealers in the development and implementation of sustainable strategies to improve the social and ecological conditions within manufacturing chains.
  • CERES is a certification body for ecological agriculture and processing of ecological foods as well as ecological textiles (acc. to GOTS and BEST) and sustainable organic fuels.

organicselection: The central information pool of the trade fair for certified ecological and sustainable fabrics presents over 400 trendy fabrics made by some 60 exhibitors. MUNICHFABRICSTART’s proprietary classification system guarantees an assured, high standard of the fabrics submitted while providing a rapid overview of the scale of this sustainable approach.

New! The GREENZONE as a forum in the BLUEZONE. It provides an overview of ecologically oriented and sustainably produced denim articles but also denims certified according to the organicselection concept. Above and beyond this, you will also find interesting and market-driven “green” approaches in the areas of denim and flat wovens that would not (yet) comply with the “strict” rules – but are of interest and relevance to the market.

Tomorrow is Today - Tist

Denim's finest on Feb 1 & 2 in Hall 5. The new concept "Tomorrow is Today (TisT)" adds to Spring/Summer 2012 first impressions of Winter 2012/2013.

Upcoming collections of 10 exhibitors (Royo, ISKO, Italdenim, ITV, Bossa an others) will be displayed only to selected visitors.

Bluezone Mag

Our visitor scanner

A really very usefull tool for exhibitors is our visitor scanner. You can scan visitor’s badges directly on your booth and you get their contact information. No need to collect business cards and type in all the data into Outlook.

You can order the scanner in the exhibitors login area on our website.