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Clear Statement - BLUEZONE and KEYHOUSE extended to Three Days

With its current strategic approach as an innovation and communication platform MUNICH FABRIC START has set new standards in the face of challenging developments in the sector and on the market.

Reliability and continuity as well as an expanded portfolio with international brands are the key constants for the newly achieved growth at MUNICH FABRIC START in 2017. Expressed in figures: three very well-attended days at the fair and, in particular, a strong third day made for growth in visitor numbers of some 1% over the previous year reaching 20,100 international visitors by the end of the event.

Once again meeting with wide approval was KEYHOUSE that kicked off last autumn. The concept is catching on. Acceptance levels are there. Understanding is becoming ever more focused. This has prompted exciting cooperations between science and skilled craftsmanship, between product and process solutions, between action and reaction and between ideas and implementation. Equally high were the numbers at the two BLUEZONE halls ALL STAR MILLS and CATALYZER. With over 100 international brands BLUEZONE posted the highest numbers since its inception, both in terms of exhibitors and visitors. By extending all forums, segments and halls to a total of three days MUNICH FABRIC START is meeting the wishes of a majority of suppliers and visitors for whom the date in Munich is one of the most important in the season's schedule.

VIEW Premium Selection - more information, more innovation

"We could not have wished for a better close to this, for us most successful year ever since the inception of the trade fair," said Wolfgang Klinder summing up with visible satisfaction on the last day of VIEW Premium Selection. The reasons for this positive verdict were the high visitor footfall, the increasingly high quality of the collection statements, the thoroughly constructive business atmosphere as well as the perceivable open-mindedness for all things new among suppliers, creative minds and buyers alike.

"Munich is always worth travelling to,“ Hila Brodie (Tommy Hilfiger Tailored) reports. “We especially appreciate VIEW as a sound source of novel and fresh ideas, often also of refined products and details we had not factored into our concepts yet. At that point in time we still have room for manoeuvre and therefore inspirations are more than welcome. Furthermore, we also seek dialogue with manufacturers we traditionally don't cooperate with and thereby sharpen "our senses" for the big picture."

With over 300 international collections VIEW Premium Selection convinced visitors once more as an early kick-off event for the season with a good overview of important collections from leading exhibitors. The rising quality of this exclusive trade fair format is increasingly guaranteed by the often already highly advanced and elaborated portfolio exhibited at the representative segments. For the SPRING.SUMMER 18 season this is guaranteed by the strong and trendsetting FABRICS ranges, those of ADDITIONALS with findings and accessories as well as the DENIM & SPORTSWEAR segment. Both creative workers and buyers alike were also impressed with the latest print and pattern innovations displayed by the VIEW DESIGN STUDIOS.

As part of these wide and varied ranges 22 new exhibitors presented their collections including - for the first time - an Asian selection of 14 suppliers who showcased their developments at the VIEW GALLERY.

The increased length of visits, which is also becoming more and more noticeable at MUNICH FABRIC START, shows very clearly how important these early dates are for assured organisation and planning of collections.

VIEW – Season opening in Munich enjoys unrestricted acceptance

More than 300 collections of leading international fabrics and additionals suppliers will be providing the first well-founded insights into the textile trends for the Spring.Summer 18 season at VIEW Premium Selection on 6 and 7 December 2016.

At this early point in time the powerful portfolio comprising more and more finalised collections will await the leading creative teams of the national and international brands and designers expected in Munich. Both the dates of VIEW and the competent content of this trade fair format set to fulfil highest quality needs were fully confirmed by the industry in a recent study.

Among the wide range of collections on display there will also be 22 international vendors exhibiting at VIEW for the first time. Furthermore, there will be an Asian selection with 14 vendors presenting their developments at VIEW Gallery for the first time. These complement the portfolio of renowned suppliers from Germany, Austria. Switzerland, France, England, Turkey, Japan and the big group of Italian vendors. The VIEW DENIM & SPORTSWEAR area already extended for the last event as well as the DESIGN STUDIOS for exclusive prints and pattern designs will also be given added weighting.

With a first glimpse of materials, colour ranges and styling impulses MUNICH FABRIC START’s Preview Textile Fair provides the information and assurance for planning that has become so crucial for this business at an early date thereby reacting immediately to market needs.