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MUNICH FABRIC START demonstrates strength

With for, the first time, over 1,000 suppliers and more than 1,700 collections MUNICH FABRIC START underscores its position as one of the world's largest trade fairs for Fabrics and Additonals.


From 30 August to 1 September 2016 internationally renowned producers and vendors from 37 countries will kick off the season presenting a complex portfolio of the latest fabrics and findings trends for Autumn.Winter 17/18 for women's and men's wear, denim and sportswear. With this powerful demonstration boasting a comprehensive and extended collection portfolio of renowned and innovative companies MUNICH FABRIC START will be adding two new halls. With KEYHOUSE as an innovation and creativity centre and CATALYZER as an extension to the BLUEZONE, the trade fair now boasts over 2,500 square metres of additional exhibition space earmarked for pioneering segments with great development potential. At KEYHOUSE, the new Hall 5, progressive vendors and global players from various segments will stage an "epicentre of creativity and innovation". Trendsetting smart textiles, future fabrics and technologies fully incorporated into textile products and high fashion. At CATALYZER, the new Hall 6, 25 exhibitors will present their product ranges in the segments Denim Heritage and Blueprints with a focus on sustainability and innovation. This time, in hall 7 and ranging under the name ALL START MILLS, 75 brands exhibit their latest developments for denim and sportswear, making the new BLUEZONE with 100 exhibitors altogether the strongest edition ever.


VIEW – Strong ranges, unqualified approval

On 5 and 6 th of July 2016, the latest edition of VIEW Premium Selection demonstrated once again how MUNICH FABRIC START’s preview show has become a firm fixture, being the first of all international fabric trade fairs.

The 16th edition of VIEW kicked off autumn.winter season 17/18 with a dynamic and progressive note and closed with a slight increase in visitors after two fair days. The portfolio of many, already far advanced collections is growing season on season. Renowned buyers and designers of powerhouse brands and trend labels from the women's and men's segment as well as from denim and sportswear were impressed by the over 300 collections here, some of which were already very far developed and therefore high-impact at this early date. The leading creative teams of all German ready-to-wear manufacturers as well as famous brands and designers were on site. Attending from neighbouring countries were Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Akris, Daks and Norse Project, to name but a few. International designers and buyers travelling to Munich capitalise on the wide ranges and thoroughly researched information on the initial material and colour trends so as to already crystallise the core statement of their collections at the beginning of the season.

VIEW presents trendsetting international Portfolio

With more than 300 pre-collections for Autumn.Winter 17.18, the VIEW Premium Selection on 5 and 6 July 2016 will be setting a strong signal to the industry.

Some high-class collections will be represented at the preview textile fair by MUNICH FABRIC START for the first time: BENDINI, MIROGLIO, ELYAF and AGENTUR KAREN GERKE in the VIEW FABRICS segment, KNOPF & KNOPF in VIEW ADDITIONALS as well as EUROPA and TUSA DENIM in VIEW DENIM & SPORTSWEAR. [VIEW Brand List Autumn. Winter 17/18].

This will be an extension of the existing portfolio which already comprises well-known, prestigious weavers and additional suppliers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, UK, Turkey and Japan as well as a strong presence of Italian collections.

An exclusive outlook of currents and trends in the new season will be provided by WGSN as leading international trend forecasters who work in professional partnership with MUNICH FABRIC START on Tuesday, 5 July, at 11.00 am & 15.00 pm [further details and registration].

Covering the entire bandwidth of segments from VIEW FABRICS for textiles, VIEW ADDITIONALS for trimmings and accessories, VIEW DENIM & SPORTSWEAR as well as VIEW DESIGN STUDIOS for individual print and pattern designs, VIEW offers a representative range for afirst significant impression of trendsetting insights into the new season.