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HighTex Award Winners

Overall strategic commitment awarded
for the first time
The winners of the HighTex Award have been chosen. The innovation award of MUNICH FABRIC START was presented for the 4th time already but for the first time companies were recognized for their overall strategic commitment with regard to resource–saving process solutions, innovative product development as well as process implementation and marketability.

"By presenting the HighTex Award MUNICH FABRIC START supports and recognises the extensive and often costly commitment of innovative and creative companies in cooperation with innovative brands to set novel and sustainable product impulses."
Frank Junker, Creative Director MUNICH FABRIC START

Find detailed information on the award–winning products in the Fabrics and Additionals segments and the reactions of the award winners below:
Frank Junker, Simon Angel, Stefano Vailati & Alex Vogt Frank Junker, Simon Angel, Stefano Vailati & Alex Vogt
First place goes to the Italian jersey producer BRUGNOLI. With Br4tec5, Brugnoli launches a fabric created with Virgin Merino Wool, a bio based polyamide/Evo by Fulgar and 3% spandex, as a novel piquet. Compared to conventional processes, Br4 technology by Brugnoli uses 20 percent less water and energy, which means 2500 liter water saved and 20Kg CO2 avoided, each 1000 meter fabric produced. The knitting specialist Brugnoli has been recently granted a double European patent for it's Br4 technology: production process and fabric.

"Our efforts are aimed at creating new textile technologies and translating them into performing and high fashion fabrics. We are pleased that this is clearly paying off and that our efforts are being rewarded. We believe that there is a demand on the market for sporty fashion, especially in the form of high–quality fibres and manufacturing technology solutions. We cater to this demand with our processed elastic membranes, polyamides and sporty jacquards."
Stefano Vailati, Sales Manager Brugnoli
Massimiliano Denna, Roberto Denna & Luca Denna (Managing Board Brugnoli) Massimiliano Denna, Roberto Denna & Luca Denna (CEO, President and CEO BL Color at Brugnoli)
COCCCON secured second place for the fair and environmentally conscious production of luxurious textiles and an innovative silk denim. The silkworms hatch by piercing and trimming the cocoon and are not killed in hot water as in conventional silk production. The fabrics, which come with an anti–allergic finish as a rule, are hand–woven at a fair price and dyed without toxic chemicals. For the first time, the Indian company presents PET2Silk in Munich, a silk–like fabric made of recycled PET bottles. The first GOTS–certified organic silk denim is also biodegradable.

"The award is of major importance to us because it confirms our product philosophy and at the same time helps us to communicate it even more widely. We have been the world's largest producer of organic silk for two years. This motivates us and we are constantly developing new products on this basis. The jury of the HighTex Award was convinced by a denim–look silk shirt that requires only a fraction of water compared to conventional denim production and foregoes chemical additives."
Chandra Prakash Jha, Cocccon
Frank Junker, Chandra Prakash Jha Frank Junker & Chandra Prakash Jha
The RECA GROUP was awarded 3rd place for its process for avoiding product copies. The Italian specialist for packaging, cards as well as plastic and metal labels currently focuses on high–frequency embossing and printing on polyurethane – a process called ALM06. Depending on the perspective, different logotypes and colours are created.

"At Reca, we believe in progress and innovation through constant investment in research and development. That's why every season we put a lot of energy not only into new designs but also into the further development of our products. This is reflected by constantly improving product quality and also by new solutions for consumers. The most recent examples are labels that develop new optics with different light incidence and applications that work on the basis of heat setting rather than stitching. The fact that we are among the winners of the HighTex Award of MUNICH FABRIC START confirms us in our efforts."
Marcello Tarabini Castellani, Sales Area Manager Reca Group
Alex Vogt, Sebastian Klinder, Marcello Tarabini Castellani, Frank Junker Alex Vogt, Sebastian Klinder, Marcello Tarabini Castellani & Frank Junker
The highlights of the numerous submissions and of course the award–winning article groups were exhibited at the KEYHOUSE HighTex Forum as part of MUNICH FABRIC START from 4 to 6 September 2018.

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