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Closing Report MUNICH FABRIC START 1/17

Clear Statement - BLUEZONE and KEYHOUSE extended to Three Days

With its current strategic approach as an innovation and communication platform MUNICH FABRIC START has set new standards in the face of challenging developments in the sector and on the market.

Reliability and continuity as well as an expanded portfolio with international brands are the key constants for the newly achieved growth at MUNICH FABRIC START in 2017. Expressed in figures: three very well-attended days at the fair and, in particular, a strong third day made for growth in visitor numbers of some 1% over the previous year reaching 20,100 international visitors by the end of the event.

Once again meeting with wide approval was KEYHOUSE that kicked off last autumn. Equally high were the numbers at the two BLUEZONE halls ALL STAR MILLS and CATALYZER. With over 100 international brands BLUEZONE posted the highest numbers since its inception, both in terms of exhibitors and visitors.
Spring.Summer 18
"Already at this stage we have received numerous enquiries about the next exhibition at KEYHOUSE and the BLUEZONE, prompting us to also consider a possible extension here too. All these success factors combined have led to the decision to extend to three days both the BLUEZONE with its addition of CATALYZER and also KEYHOUSE as an innovation and creative centre in line with the duration of MUNICH FABRIC START at the MOC as from September 2017. "
Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START

By extending all forums, segments and halls to a total of three days MUNICH FABRIC START is meeting the wishes of a majority of suppliers and visitors for whom the date in Munich is one of the most important in the season's schedule.

"MUNICH FABRIC START offers the right balance of work and inspiration. Over the first two days we meet all our suppliers here. We then use the third day fully to explore the good inspirations offered. You always discover new things here."
Georg Walendy, Alberto
Spring.Summer 18
Optimism was spread by the over 1,700 very bold, imaginative and inspiring fabric collections and technical product developments from the over 1,000 suppliers. People came in search of new things and many new things were on offer. Be this in finishing, the resurgence of prints, in the impressively light weight categories as well in the colour range which extended from fragile and subtle through to mid tones and dramatic metallics.

"With its exposed and more trend-focused positioning we have given the ADDITIONALS segment a new standing that in combination with fabrics provides an outlook on future research and presentation options for individual lifestyle worlds. With the current performance package with leading suppliers MUNICH FABRIC START has set another quality standard. This applies both to the wide spectrum of textile collections and to the forward-looking process and material developments."
Wolfgang Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START

The highlight fabric and accessories developments staged in the TREND and COLOUR FORUM in the foyer of the MOC were able to create added appeal serving as an inspiration pool thanks to the extension and new interpretation of the ADDITIONALS TREND FORUM arranged in trend worlds.
Spring.Summer 18
One of the highlights of the broad-based supporting programme focused on various themes at KEYHOUSE was Li Edelkoort's trend lecture. In her very own authoritative, dedicated and convincing way the international trend expert Li Edelkoort called upon the audience at MUNICH FABRIC START attending in large numbers to make a clear move towards emancipation. Emancipation in terms of life, age and mindset, and all this irrespective of gender. She spoke openly about her very personal perception and dismay at the current political situation:

"For the first time in my life I am looking with pessimism towards the future. I think the next ten to fifteen years will be a great political challenge. The current political climate is both awful and hopeful at the same time. The hopeful part is that we are reawakening and discovering a new interest in democracy."
Li Edelkoort

Movement and change are the determining parameters affecting not only trends in fashion, she predicted. At the same time, she points out that there is nothing new and that boredom and uniformity are decisive. That seasons have outdated themselves. She propagates anti-fashion and is, at the same time, aware of the degree of provocation here. Anti-fashion is more than fashion, she believes.
Spring.Summer 18
The audience's applause was rapturous and sustained. Her trend lecture at MUNICH FABRIC START is one of her rare appearances in Germany for many years now. It was one of those moments that gave added quality to the overall positive mood at the trade fair and one that left a noticeably lasting impression on visitors.

"For us MUNICH FABRIC START is an established date. For us it is the most important trade fair, especially due to its combination with BLUEZONE. Because we come here not only in search of denim but also specifically cotton and prints. The range as well as the organisation are just super. Both permit a highly efficient and, at the same time, pleasant working environment. For us MUNICH FABRIC START offers a perfect overview at the start of the season."
Andreas Hugendieck, Zerres

Enjoying great appeal and lasting interest was KEYHOUSE. The concept is catching on. Acceptance levels are there. Understanding is becoming ever more focused. This has prompted exciting cooperations between science and skilled craftsmanship, between product and process solutions, between action and reaction and between ideas and implementation.
Spring.Summer 18
"Meeting together here at the interface of denim, sportswear and fashion is both the future and the present of the fashion and textile sectors. Innovative producers and suppliers presented their future-oriented concepts and solutions here for the second time now. Positioned between the MOC and the BLUEZONE with CATALYZER at the ZENITH premises footfall at KEYHOUSE was once again very high, as expected, on both days of the trade fair. Stimulated by an informative supporting programme featuring trend lectures and expert talks on themes like innovation and sustainability trade visitors and exhibitors held very in-depth discussions."
Alex Vogt, Kern Kommunikation

"We have a second presence here at KEYHOUSE because we wanted to show an audience specifically in search of innovations what is technologically possible with denim. This location is perfect for this. We are primarily concerned here with networking and being close to the leading denim manufacturers."
Thomas Leemann, Schoeller Technologies
Spring.Summer 18
The agenda at KEYHOUSE included:
The presentation of the HIGHTEX AWARD honouring innovative, future-oriented product innovations. Winning 1st place was Tintex Textiles with a breathable, cork-coated jersey. Followed by Soorty Enterprises whose bi-elastic denim for sport clothing convinced the jury. 3rd place went to Thermore for the development of a heat-regulating ticking.

For further information and detailed product descriptions of the award-winning products as well as the other entries please see the HIGHTEX AWARD Report.

Spring.Summer 18

Sustainable innovations were presented for the first time: as a window on the future of the sector eight innovative concepts presented in a gallery format showcased their visions of where the textile technology developments could lead - from jellyfish leather and citrus fibre through to fruit leather. Furthermore, the future theme of sustainability met with a great response in its tried and text format at organicselection featuring the latest developments in the field of sustainably produced fabrics and accessories.

We look forward to being able to welcome you to VIEW in Munich from 17 to 18 July 2017. The next MUNICH FABRIC START for the Autumn.Winter 18/19 season will run from 5 to 7/9/2017.

A special thank you goes to COTTON USA for sponsoring the shuttle buses.

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