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On the occasion of the past MUNICH FABRIC START the HIGHTEX AWARD was presented for the first time at the KEYHOUSE, the new creative and innovative forum. Awards went to the winning product developments for Fabrics and Additionals in the categories Technology, Smart Fibres, Sustainability, Resource Efficiency, Finishing and Functionality. 

With this innovation award MUNICH FABRIC START honours and encourages the efforts and endeavours of leading fabric manufacturers and findings producers to invest even more in future-proof product developments. 

The requirements of the market, but especially consumer demands in terms of innovation, added value, functionality and USP, are constantly on the rise. The presentation of the HIGHTEX AWARD provides high media exposure and, hence, also cross-sector attention for future-proof product areas that play an increasingly important role in the portfolio of products. Technical revolutions require courage, creativity, know-how and investment. The HIGHTEX AWARD is therefore also recognition of pioneering achievements of this kind that generate new impulses in product finishing.

For further information and detailed product descriptions of the award-winners as well as other submitted articles please refer to the HIGHTEX AWARD Report.

We congratulate the winners of the HIGHTEX AWARD. First place went to Mectex, Manifatture Italiane Scudieri S.r.l, Italy, for an ultra-light, water-repellent, 3-layer fabric that charges up in daylight and is luminescent in darkness.

"We are very proud of this recognition," says Paolo Scudieri, Chairman of the Management Board of the Adler Group, and goes on to say: "It shows that the course of innovation we have always charted is the right one. In conjunction with research and technology it is the secret to our commercial success and also proves a perfect counterweight for fighting the crisis. This is also the reason why we invest in highly skilled staff and specific expertise."

Second and third place went to SCHOELLER TEXTIL AG Switzerland and OFFICINA +39 Italy.

The next award for the latest generation of visionary Fabrics and Additionals will be organized during the next MUNICH FABRIC START, held from 31 January to 2 February 2017.

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More exhibitors, more visitors, more space, new content. More international flair. And all this alongside a range and visitor structure of increasingly high quality. This is the verdict of the 41st MUNICH FABRIC START after three days. It was a trade fair of premieres, profiles, positioning, innovations and impulses. 

Expressed in figures: the confirmation of a continual rise in visitor numbers, this time a 3% plus over the previous year. For the first time over 1,000 suppliers - of these 96 first-time exhibitors - with more than 1,700 collections. Expanded area from 5 to 7 halls. And thus an increase of 2,500 square metres to 42,500 square metres' total exhibition space. 

In view of these facts and the energised mood both in the MOC and on the Zenith site it was a perfect presentation with many innovations and great potential for development. 

"The fact that visitors are spending considerably more time at the event is very pleasing. This says a great deal about the competence of our suppliers and the select portfolio for the relevant segments as well as about the dynamic development of our trade fair format and its expansion into new areas. Not least this also confirms the timing of the fair. In particular, in the combination of VIEW and MUNICH FABRIC START,"
explained Wolfgang Klinder, Managing Director at MUNICH FABRIC START

Already during the planning stage for 2016 it was clear that in this the anniversary year there would only be a cursory glance backwards but a great step forward. The team was reinforced by international experts while the portfolio was extended to include unique product worlds and space for forward-looking and innovative developments and processes.

This gave rise to CATALYZER as an extension to BLUEZONE and the KEYHOUSE as an innovation and creative centre - a key impulse generator and link connecting sustainability, innovation and technology for fashion with momentum and interaction that has exceeded expectations.

"We were aware of the great challenge we had taken on with KEYHOUSE and CATALYZER as new area concepts. So it is all the more satisfying to see how positively and enthusiastically both exhibitors and visitors are reacting to this move. Our concept was not just accepted, it was immediately understood and obviously expected."
Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director at MUNICH FABRIC START.

For the first time now the Hightex Award was presented for the most innovative product development at KEYHOUSE. Receiving the award was a 3-layer, ultra-light and water-repellent fabric by Mectex (Manifatture Italiane Scudieri S.r.l Mectex Textile Division) featuring a membrane that charges in daylight and then emits light in the dark. 2nd and 3rd prizes went to Schoeller Textiles and Officina+39. (Detailed information on this will follow shortly in the Hightex Report.)

Newly positioned and arranged in KEYHOUSE, the showcases curated by Kern Kommunikation on sustainably oriented innovations, amongst others including Design for Circularity, Pauline van Dongen, perPETual, i:co or Wear It!, all attracted great interest.

"Presenting innovative, future-oriented and business-related concepts in a concentrated manner - this idea at the new KEYHOUSE was right on the mark. The spatial combination of innovative spirit and sustainability brought together what belongs together at the interface between fashion, sportswear and denim. Visitors, experts and designers worked for two days in an intense and cooperative manner towards a common goal: the fundamental rethinking of production and value creation processes. With KEYHOUSE MUNICH FABRIC START has created a platform for this interdisciplinary exchange that is already now an indispensable addition just after its debut."
Alex Vogt, Kern Kommunikation

This view was also echoed in a statement by Pierre-Henry Servajean from Bolid'ster: "The organisers have managed to create an inspiring setting at KEYHOUSE that links two mega trends. One driver is sportswear and the other technology. Both together sketch out the future path for the fashion and textile industry. The participative and interactive concept of this new unique hall gives these developments a further push."

Counting 100 suppliers for the first time and now extended into two halls the BLUEZONE also saw heavy footfall. Confirming just how right and tailor-made the new BLUEZONE concept with its extended CATALYZER is for the indeed very explosive denim and sportswear market are the following responses from suppliers:

"For us the BLUEZONE is the perfect place at the perfect time to offer our customers a well-staged overview of the entire collection. Especially for us sportswear suppliers the date is ideal. Spread over the two days we had more than 60 appointments. From the intense discussions held with customers we draw key conclusions about what we still need to add into the collection and how we are geared up in terms of price."
Christopher Horatz, Pordenone

"The atmosphere here is wonderful and we are very happy to be here. CATALYZER offers the perfect surroundings to stage our Heritage products. The range is curated with a great deal of finesse. This is our first time here as exhibitors in the BLUEZONE and we are sure this is the right platform for us to present ourselves to the promising German market." Kara Nicholas, Cone Denim.

The first day of the fair was the strongest since MUNICH FABRIC START began. Already ahead of the official opening time queues had formed at the counters of the MOC and on the Zenith site. Across the Trend Forums, in their new arrangement now stretching over the entire foyer, people gathered information right at the start of the fair on the most important fabric and colours trends for the 17/18 Autumn.Winter season.

"The decision to come back to MUNICH FABRIC START after many years away was in any case a very good one. The fair is very well organised, the quality of visitors is high and the date is perfect. High-quality producers, in particular, are keen to showcase special highlights towards the end of the season," said Christian Torri, Lanificio Luigi Ricceri.

Many brands already conclude their information and collection trips in Munich so their time can be leveraged on site to the fullest - especially because the range of collections has once again stepped up a gear and a variety of newcomers have come on board. Plus the fact that people were increasingly on the lookout for individual collections and innovative fabrics.

"We already start collection assembly in June and already finalise the collection now in September. Which is why the range of an early event like VIEW and a main fair in early September are simply ideal. At VIEW we choose the basic fabrics which we test over the subsequent weeks on prototypes. If these fabrics meet our quality demands we talk to our suppliers at MFS about specifics like colours, references and patterns. A major plus point at this fair is also its perfect organisation as well as its unique atmosphere."
Alejandro Miralles Giro, Hugo Boss

Featuring top notch names and well attended were the numerous Trend Seminars, Panel Discussions and Round Tables at the new KEYHOUSE forum. Also generating much discussion was the 'Future. Fashion. Economics' theme at the book presentation of the same name, written by Jana Kern and Alex Vogt from Kern Kommunikation and published by the dfv media group.

This fair saw major changes and market-relevant extensions to include themes like future fabrics, heritage, sustainability, resources and future process developments, all against the backdrop of massively changing procurement concepts and marketing strategies.

This was an innovation that was received and acknowledged by suppliers and visitors alike with great interest and great sensitivity. And one that marked the themes more strongly into the consciousness of all involved thereby generating intense dialogue also at the MOC, the once again fully booked powerhouse for FABRICS and ADDITIONALS at MUNICH FABRIC START.

In increasing demand in the fabric segment were innovative items with a high quality standard. Demand focused on greater exclusivity - leading to the concluding mood that once again more is being invested in the product.

The MUNICH FABRIC START event held from 30/08 to 01/09/2016 has set out a new strategic approach that went down very well with the market and set the tone for subsequent fairs.

We look forward to welcoming you to VIEW in Munich from 6 to 7 December 2016. The next MUNICH FABRIC START for the 2018 Spring.Summer season will run from 31/01 to 02/02/2017.

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With for, the first time, over 1,000 suppliers and more than 1,700 collections MUNICH FABRIC START underscores its position as one of the world's largest trade fairs for Fabrics and Additonals. From 30 August to 1 September 2016 internationally renowned producers and vendors from 37 countries will kick off the season presenting a complex portfolio of the latest fabrics and findings trends for Autumn.Winter 17/18 for women's and men's wear, denim and sportswear. With this powerful demonstration boasting a comprehensive and extended collection portfolio of renowned and innovative companies MUNICH FABRIC START will be adding two new halls. Fully booked, it therefore seamlessly follows on from the VIEW Premium Selection which drew to a successful close in July 2016. 

With KEYHOUSE as an innovation and creativity centre and CATALYZER as an extension to the BLUEZONE, the trade fair now boasts over 2,500 square metres of additional exhibition space earmarked for pioneering segments with great development potential. This means total exhibition space has grown to 42,500 square metres.

"Against the backdrop of these complementing segments MUNICH FABRIC START confirms its position as an interactive communication platform. With KEYHOUSE and CATALYZER we have made an unambiguous statement with a future-proof trade fair format for a high-octane market yearning for new concepts" Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START

REALISE is the trend statement heading the Autumn.Winter 17/18 season almost like an appeal. This invitation to live out your ideas and make them come true is given a convincing platform at the 41st edition of MUNICH FABRIC START. Synonymous with this is an, again carefully curated and comprehensive, portfolio of more than 800 FABRICS and 280 ADDITIONALS collections exhibited by international market leaders in Halls 1 to 4. These are complemented by companies from the Far East at the ASIA SALON and the impulse-generating DESIGN STUDIOS showcasing proprietary prints as well as creative design solutions.

Spring.Summer 17 At KEYHOUSE, the new Hall 5, progressive vendors and global players from various segments will stage an "epicentre of creativity and innovation". Trendsetting smart textiles, future fabrics and technologies fully incorporated into textile products and high fashion will be on display here on 1,000 square metres, all set against a backdrop of atmospheric industrial charm. In the context of cross-sector macro trends new technologies and forward-looking showcases will be presented here side by side with sustainable developments, expert workshops and trend seminars - be this in terms of sustainability, engineering, finishing or research.

Presented for the first time will be the HIGH TEX AWARD, which honours the most innovative and forward-looking highlights in fabrics and Additionals from vendors exhibiting at MUNICH FABRIC START. A high-calibre jury will select these using specific criteria in areas like Technology, Smart Fibres, Sustainability, Resource Efficiency, Finishing and Functionality. The award winners will be presented in detail at the KEYHOUSE.

"As the organiser of MUNICH FABRIC START we are at the start of the supply chain. It is our prime task to join forces with our partners to offer strategic approaches for successful networking - networking that is now becoming more and more important; approaches that correspond to market requirements and changes and that create a professional platform for them." Wolfgang Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START

Boasting 100 denim and sportswear brands the BLUEZONE is as popular as ever and has now been extended to two halls due to the high demand. As usual, the Zenith Hall will be host to 75 brands exhibiting their latest developments for denim and sportswear. These ranges are rounded off by such denim-related products as flats, cord, washed and dyed materials. In-depth Trend Forums will provide insights into forward-looking developments, finishes, colours and styles. At CATALYZER, the new Hall 6, 25 exhibitors will present their product ranges in the segments Denim Heritage and Blueprints with a focus on sustainability and innovation.

With the complexity of all its segments, focal collections and forward-looking focus MUNICH FABRIC START sets new standards in providing "a density of information" that spans the entire trade fair premises. The intensive use of spaces surrounding the MOC adds extra value for decision-makers, buyers and creative workers. The resulting exclusive "density of input" here significantly supports and influences the creative processes.

In addition to this, the space earmarked for the Trend and Colour Forums has also been extended. The presentation of trends and samples, including the latest menswear inspirations, will now span the complete foyer of Hall 3 at the MOC and will be broken down into the season's three important trend and styling themes. These are completed by individually designed Colour Forums. An additional and extended set-up can be found at the new KEYHOUSE - integrated into the overall concept of progressive innovation and creativity scenarios.

The comprehensive programme of supporting events including trend seminars, workshops, lectures and Round Tables will also be held at KEYHOUSE. This comes care of i:co. DFV, Peclers, Next Look and Sourcebook, to name but a few. Acting as the official trend partner of MUNICH FABRIC START, WGSN will again offer 4 exclusive seminars. Click here to find the complete line-up of lectures:
» Line-up of lectures

For further information on all aspects of the trade fair visit our website Our Press Gallery with an extensive choice of visuals is at your disposal at

30 August 2016 9.30 am to 6.30 pm
31 August 2016 9.30 am to 6.30 pm
01 September 2016 9.30 am to 4.00 pm

30 August 2016 9.30 am to 6.30 pm
31 August 2016 9.30 am to 6.30 pm

MUNICH FABRIC NIGHT PARTY On the evening of the first day of the trade fair MUNICH FABRIC START will again be inviting vendors, decision-makers and creative workers to the MUNICH FABRIC NIGHT. This time to mark a special occasion: MUNICH FABRIC START will be celebrating its 20th anniversary and the opening of KEYHOUSE and CATALYZER on 30 August 2016 from 6.30 pm at the Zenith premises between BLUEZONE and CATALYZER.

Our special thanks go to COTTON USA for sponsoring the shuttle buses.


With the new KEYHOUSE as an innovation and creative centre and CATALYZER as an additional denim section MUNICH FABRIC START is sending out a clear signal with increased impact for the forthcoming event from 30/08 to 01/09/2016.

These two new halls mean a total of 2,500 square metres featuring innovative and pioneering segments with great development potential that further sharpen the selective range of international suppliers. The portfolio of fabrics, additionals and services comprises some 1,700 collections from an unprecedented 1,000 plus suppliers.


At KEYHOUSE, the new Hall 5, progressive suppliers and global players from a variety of sectors will stage an epicentre of creativity and innovation. The atmospheric and charming industrial setting extending over 1,000 square metres will form a backdrop for pioneering smart textiles, future fabrics and technologies with a high degree of integration in textile products and high fashion. In the context of cross-sector macro trends new technologies and pioneering showcases will be in the spotlight alongside sustainable developments, expert workshops and trend seminars – in terms of both sustainability and technology and of finishing and research.


With KEYHOUSE we have created a key focus in the truest sense of the word that provides scope for new products and segments with great development potential. Here innovative and progressive suppliers have the opportunity to launch their ideas and concepts in an exclusive setting and to make them accessible to a broad and qualified audience.“ - Wolfgang Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START 


KEYHOUSE reflects new dynamism and progressiveness paving the way forward for a sector that is constantly reinventing itself. A think tank of technical textile expertise, individual product placement, strategic company cooperations, resource use and dovetailed cross-sector technologies.


KEYHOUSE is the logical consequence of a dialogue and process based on partnership, one that is pursued by MUNICH FABRIC START in all its areas and segments. That feeling of togetherness in this traditional industrial setting with its modern interior creates a consciously chosen element of excitement and friction that triggers discussion and interaction within the sector and beyond.“ - Frank Junker, Creative Director MUNICH FABRIC START


With over 100 denim and sportswear brands the BLUEZONE is also more highly subscribed than ever prompting its extension over 2 halls. The ALL STAR MILLS BLUEZONE in Hall 7 offers an international denim and sportswear portfolio of denim powerhouses and leisure excellence. Probing trend forums provide information on pioneering developments, finishes, colours and styles. At CATALYZER, the new Hall 6, denim heritage and blueprints will be showcased with a focus on sustainability and innovation. This interplay of key components in product design and presentation is also picked up on by the consciously chosen architecture of tradition dovetailing with modernity. The preserved building substance of solid stone walls is met with lightness and light thanks to large glass domes and open steel girders. The individual and original spatial layout is kept intact thanks to the exciting stand design arising here.


CATALYZER as a supplementary area at BLUEZONE that decisively reinforces and sharpens the range for denim and sportswear. The additional area makes it possible to further deepen product definition ensuring designers and buyers gain even more comprehensive insight into the current developments and creative input concepts for denim and sportswear.“ - Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START 


This new approach means MUNICH FABRIC START is rising to the challenges encountered by the market and the sector. The fashion and textile sector is facing serious developments. It will no longer be possible to ‘carry on as usual’. Strategies and formulas that worked until now will be under scrutiny. Companies and those in charge are seeking new ways, altered profiles and communication concepts – according to new success guarantees. The narrative aspect is gaining importance. It is adopting a key position in the forward-looking, holistic view of textile technology and fashion developments. Communication and synergies are required to launch innovative products and solutions.


The extension to the product and information range at MUNICH FABRIC START and the BLUEZONE across further halls on a total of 42,500 square metres offers significant added value for suppliers and visitors – added value which responds to market changes and the ensuing information needs by providing direction for the future. Furthermore, all these measures support both the technical production and creative processes within the industry in a sustainable way.