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Founded in Capriolo (BS) in 1876, Niggeler & Küpfer is active in the textile industry with its main offices in Northern Italy for the creation of raw and finished fabrics, and two in Tunisia for weaving and finishing (MKS and TFM). Niggeler & Küpfer Textile is structured into two macro-areas: Raw Fabrics and Finished Fabrics; both create and manufacture fine patterned cotton and blend fabrics. The first in raw and the second under the brand names Algitex, Principio Attivo and La Panamà.


Niggeler & Küpfer Textile SpA

Via Giovanni Niggeler, 67
25031 Capriolo

Telefon:+39 03074661


Heiko Luckow

Fashion & Friends GmbH & Co. KG
Gaußstraße 2
D - 32052 Herford

Telefon: +49 52217636788
Fax: +49 52217636787


Fabrics for Pants Ready for garment dyeing. Fabrics for pants foiled, printed, coated on PFD, Denim and on piece-dyed materials.

Oberstoffe - Baumwollstoffe, Baumwollmischungen, Beschichtungen, Denim, Drucke, Jacquards, Leder, Lederimitate, Leinenstoffe, Viskose-, Modal-, Tencelgewebe Öko-Tex, Better Cotton Initiative