__Li Edelkoort will return to Munich once again for one of her exclusive private lectures featuring the Autumn/Winter 2025-26 trends.
On Wednesday, 4 September 2024, Li Edelkoort will present the forecast for fashion and textiles as well as the colours in a 2hrs event at MUNICH FABRIC START. Join the famous trend forecaster and experience her speech live in an intimate setting.

__This forecast is a perfect inspirational source and working tool for all those who love and live design.


Fashion & Textile Forecast
PARIS: Autumn / Winter 2025—26

__Paris, with her magical neighbourhoods and iconic monuments, will be the shining star in the years to come. The city has bet on its longevity by introducing a slow movement of gradual change. And at this very difficult moment in time, with so many doubts and such immense pain, suddenly the city pampers us, comforts us, and seduces us. From the tradition of tweeds, lingerie and checks to the city’s gardens, café culture and bakeries, from flea market finds to couture and the allure of revolutionaries, existentialists, surrealists and street urchins, fashion trends return to the standards of easy elegance and a just spirit, to inspire us to live more simply. __L.E.


__Colour Forecast
ILLUSTRATION: Autumn / Winter 2025—26

__Colour is out to prove its hegemony above and beyond all other parameters of style. A fresh creative energy illustrated by sketching, drawing, collages, cartoons and engravings, moving beyond and abstracting photography. Introducing posters that allow the word to be part of our world. Talking the language of colour. Several major societal and anthropological movements are gathering to assemble shades of happiness and solidarity. Focusing on empathy and hope, and a radical stance for beauty that will dominate the world of fashion and design, letting the spirit fly to escape reality.

ORDER YOUR TICKET // 295,00 EUR incl. VAT // Limited seats available


Wednesday, 4 September 2024
from 11:00am –1:00pm
MOC Munich

295,00 EUR incl. VAT // Limited seats available

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