Hall #5

Be inspired & create future - the KEYHOUSE (hall 5) is the innovation hub and competence center for the textile industry presenting future-oriented and business-related concepts with a highly innovative approach in a concentrated manner. This interactive trade fair format forms a backdrop for smart textiles, future fabrics and technologies with a high degree of integration in textile products and high fashion. Pioneering showcases, sustainability, new technologies and value creation processes are put in a spotlight in the context of cross-sector macro trends, rounded off by expert workshops and seminars on trends, technology, finishing and research.




As a joint showcase initiated by MUNICH FABRIC START, the leading specialist firms Assyst, Caddon, Vizoo, Triple Tree Solutions and the University of Dresden have joined forces to present a new type of digitalisation process for fabrics in a comprehensible and practical way through simulated digitalisation stations. The DIGITAL FABRIC LAB demonstrates a new form of analysis process that overhauls production and accelerates it many times over. Digital material parameters such as elasticity, flexibility, tension and rigidity are determined for the realistic use of textiles in product simulation. For these physical measurements, surfaces, colours and textures must be recorded and collated in a technologically presentable way.

„Digitalisation 4.0 is certainly one of the key issues when it comes to future process controls. One of the essential building blocks within these major technical changes will be the digitalisation of fabrics and additionals. For each fabric and each button there will be a digital ‘twin’.“ 
Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START



Smart Textiles Pop-Up Lab by Holst Centre x Pauline van Dongen featuring interactive workshops on printing electronics on textiles. As a Dutch research hub, the Holst Centre specialises in the development of printed electronics. Unlike conventional electronics, these circuits are thin, lightweight, flexible and even stretchable. They make it possible to make all kinds of products and materials interactive. The material properties of these printed electronics make them particularly suitable for integration in textiles.


KPMG x Microsoft


KPMG, one of the leading auditing and consulting firms in Germany, will deliver a unique fusion of business, technology and fashion to the KEYHOUSE this season together with the global IT group Microsoft . This partnership is dedicated to business and technology systems for the fashion industry. The launch of disruptive technologies such as HoloLens, a new POS system, better process management tools and integrated social media engagement will satisfy the modern, demanding customer of the future, ensuring a new era for fashion retailing.


Knitcloud by N.I.O.

Knitwear on Demand

 KNITCLOUD by N.I.O.  combines sustainability and digitalisation with the launch of a personalised 3D knitwear-on-demand brand at the Keyhouse, which as a smart network offers a future-oriented, sustainable answer to today’s overconsumption of clothing. What began with initial tests by start-up company The Girl and The Machine has now developed into a market-ready brand for custom-made 3D knitwear on demand that will be scalable in the future. Knitcloud by N.I.O. (New Industrial Order) will allow brands, designers and web shops to connect virtual designs, body measurement apps, virtual fitting solutions and a digital tailor system (DTS) with a subsequent on-demand ordering system (ONOS). In future, this smart concept will make it possible to produce customised and personalised clothing – as the world’s first open ecosystem for 3D knitwear on demand.




Existing somewhere between poetry and problem solving is SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS. The forum showcases inspirational applications of revolutionary innovations ranging from 3D printing, to human capital, to circular solutions. From alternative materials and unusual resources to instructions for a new approach to textiles and clothing, to the rediscovery of traditional crafts. 




"With SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS we have a progressive lab with the latest resources and materials inspiring visitors to ponder on new possibilities for material use and manufacturing processes." 
Frank Junker, Creative Director MUNICH FABRIC START




Discover the following innovations under the title PEOPLE | PURPOSE | POETRY:

  • PHERES & AUXTEX by Eric Esser, with the creation of CAD files thanks to the 3D printing process FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling).
  • Atlas of Sustainable Colour(s) by JULIA KALETA as a sustainable colour compass.
  • A LIFE with a circular approach to extending the life cycle of textiles.
  • LOOP COLLABORATION STUDIO as an integrative movement of socially oriented resource exploitation.
  • WORN TO WEAR by Lena Winterink interprets the conscious handling of clothing through the use of copper wire in the yarn.
  • SWART LAEKEN by Lotte Gulpers present high-quality items made of premium wool as a sustainable raw material.
  • DYELUX by Nikolett Madai uses by-products from the food industry to produce dyestuffs for textiles.
  • KNOT by Sanne Visser looks at horn as a raw material from a new angle and creates yarns, ropes and nets from hair.




Product innovations of the latest generation come care of the forum of the HighTex Award, MUNICH FARBIC START’s innovation prize, presenting a selection of currently the most innovative fabrics and additionals at Keyhouse. The HighTex Award Forum makes it possible in the Here and Now to experience a part of the future with innovations in the following categories: High-Tex, Technology, Smart Fibres, Sustainability, Resource Efficiency, Finishing, Special Finishes, Functionality, Health and Circular Processes. Other criteria involved here look at process feasibility and marketability.




„This proves how MUNICH FABRIC START supports and honours the great and often cost-intensive commitment of innovative and creative companies in cooperation with innovative brands to trigger new and future-oriented product impulses. “ 
Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START