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Upcoming FABRIC DAYS is no longer possible


With the current level of knowledge as well as the experiences from the past months, which serve as the basis for a realistic assessment of further developments in the coming weeks, FABRIC DAYS at the beginning of March is unfortunately no longer justifiable...

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With the goal to realise a physical event for the fashion industry also in the Spring.Summer 22 season, the Munich Fabric Start Exhibitions GmbH team has worked continuously to organise the second edition of FABRIC DAYS. The organisers wanted to repeat what was proven in September 2020 with the sales focused, condensed business format: that efficient work is possible under the changed conditions thanks to strict hygiene and safety measures.


However, FABRIC DAYS planned for the beginning of March, does not follow after the summer months with lower infection numbers as the September edition had, but instead follows the winter months with persistently high infection numbers. Within the last weeks, the infection numbers in Germany and in Europe have unfortunately not definitively changed, which is why the German Government has prolonged and even intensified the current lockdown until at least January 31st 2021.


There are only 7 weeks until the beginning of March – unfortunately there is still no sign that the necessary decrease in infection rates will occur during this short period of time. Therefore, the organisers currently have to assume that there will be no political basis on which trade fairs will be approved in Germany by then. In addition, travel restrictions are still in effect and the health and security of all visitors, exhibitors and service providers is as always of the highest priority.


With the current level of knowledge as well as the experiences from the past months, which serve as the basis for a realistic assessment of further developments in the coming weeks, FABRIC DAYS at the beginning of March is unfortunately no longer justifiable. The Munich Fabric Start Exhibitions GmbH feels therefore compelled to cancel FABRIC DAYS from 2 – 4 March 2021.


"This decision is one of our hardest since the beginning of the pandemic, if not since we started organising trade shows for the fashion and textile industry. To this day we believed that by joining forces we would be able to repeat our success from September. Especially thanks to the numerous exhibitor registrations and the great trust and support from the industry. Unfortunately, the situation is different in the current winter months and has made planning an event impossible."

Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START


In the coming weeks, the organisers will, true to the motto of the Spring.Summer 22 season "WE ARE ALL IN", concentrate on providing long-term exhibitors and visitors with a new basis of information and inspiration and examine the options for the next trade fair.



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The ongoing situation demands the highest flexibility and versatility from our industry. As we all miss personal exchange with our industry partners we want to offer a safe and inspiring physical platform as soon as possible. Based on current developments, the announced date for FABRIC DAYS in January no longer seems feasible. Which is why the upcoming edition of FABRIC DAYS has been postponed by five weeks...

Dear press- and media representatives,


With the goal to realise a physical event for the textile industry for the upcoming Spring.Summer 22 season, the team at Munich Fabric Start Exhibitions GmbH is undergoing plans for the second edition of FABRIC DAYS.

With this, the organisers are eager to offer a platform for those manufacturers and suppliers who can and want to present their collections in Munich. What has been successfully realised in September with FABRIC DAYS shall be repeated: that a trade fair is possible under the new conditions with Covid-19.

Based on current infection rates and the situation in Europe, the German government has announced an extended set of measures last week. Unfortunately, there are no signs yet of a steady decline in infection numbers, which decreases the chance that FABRIC DAYS would be approved in the first weeks of the new year. The time frame is too short to expect that conditions will improve as they did before our trade fair in September 2020. The risk of cancellation at short notice is too high, which would leave no room to take alternative action.


"If we look realistically at the next few weeks with the knowledge and experience gained over the past months, the date for FABRIC DAYS from 26 - 28 January 2021 is no longer justifiable for our exhibitors, visitors and for all contributors. Based on these facts, we feel obliged to postpone FABRIC DAYS by 5 weeks until 2 - 4 March 2021."

Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START


The first feedback from the exhibitors regarding the new date is understanding and positive. This underlines the very good response to FABRIC DAYS and the trust in the organisers. The need of the industry for a physical event in Munich is still high. Around 300 international suppliers are expected to present their novelties and material developments for Spring.Summer 22.



Spring.Summer 22

2 – 4 March 2021


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Following the successful staging of FABRIC DAYS at the beginning of September 2020 as the first physical trade fair after the lockdown, the organisers of MUNICH FABRIC START Exhibitions GmbH have started planning the next round of trade fairs for the Spring.Summer 22 season. The aim was to realise VIEW Premium Selection as a Preview Textile Fair to compliment the main trade fair which would follow 6 weeks later in Munich.


Dear Press and Media Representatives,

Over the past few days the situation has changed drastically and with it the starting position. Current Covid-19 developments and the uncertainty of any changes move organisers further away from the certainty of being able to realise VIEW in the usual professional way in just a few weeks time. Further measures such as extended travel restrictions are not foreseeable at this point in time.

FABRIC DAYS has proven that a trade fair is possible despite the great challenges of a pandemic. However, against the background of the current development, the organisers no longer consider a trade fair at the beginning of December to be justifiable or responsible. After all, the health and safety of all exhibitors, visitors and participants at the trade fairs always has top priority.



As a result of these crucial developments, the organisers feel compelled to cancel VIEW Premium Selection from 1 - 2 December 2020.


"The decision to cancel the VIEW Preview trade fair is a difficult one, however it must be based on our sense of safety and responsibility. After all, there are only a few weeks left until the beginning of December – a very short time in which the risk cannot be sufficiently assessed based on rates on infection to continue planning VIEW. We have reached a point where we should reduce our travel and social contacts to a minimum – at least for the time being with the option to resume again in the coming weeks.“
Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START




The team is now concentrating on organising the second edition of FABRIC DAYS from 26 - 28 January 2021 and is confident that they will be able to offer the textile industry the usual date to present the Spring. Summer 22 collections.

The condensed, business focused format of FABRIC DAYS offers the required flexibility to be able to adapt quickly to any changes in the coming months. The main objective here is to offer the industry the necessary planning security and a physical textile fair for personal exchange. In this way, the organisers particularly rely on the support of the textile industry and the confidence placed in them during this extraordinary time.


”Of course we are doing everything we can to realise our plans despite the very dynamic times. This is a perspective for the industry and our fixed goal, which can only be achieved with our collective efforts. Flexibility and cohesion are particularly required now. We are prepared to offer the industry a platform in Munich for personal exchange, provided that it is possible and can be justified by all those involved.”
Frank Junker, Creative Director MUNICH FABRIC START


The MUNICH FABRIC START team has already received the first confirmed commitments and registrations for FABRIC DAYS from 26 - 28 January 2021. The organisers are again expecting a high-quality collection portfolio from around 400 international suppliers who will present their new products for the Spring.Summer 22 season in Munich.



Spring.Summer 22

26 – 28 January 2021


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Noticeable enthusiasm, the ideal starting point for the collection design for Autumn.Winter 21/22 and a good visitor frequency – a result with which the condensed and business-focused trade fair format as the first fabric fair after the lockdown confirms that a physical event is accepted and needed by the industry in these times.


Dear press and media representatives,

Thanks to the great support from suppliers, the trust of the industry and the close cooperation with Messe München, the organizers have succeeded in creating a parade example for the following trade fairs under the new conditions with FABRIC DAYS.


"With the organization of the first fabric trade fair for the textile industry, we took on a great responsibility. After the cancellation of numerous trade fair events, we are particularly proud to have been able to realize FABRIC DAYS. The positive response and gratitude is overwhelming. We are very pleased about the cohesion and also the discipline with which everyone here on site worked together and we are happy to conclude the trade fair as an important source of inspiration with this result."

Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director Munich Fabric Start



"Due to the pandemic, no one could tell what the visitor frequency would be like at the fair. So we are all the happier that an unexpectedly large number of designers, product managers and buyers travelled to Munich to explore the over 700 collections from 300 international suppliers. Many visitors and exhibitors alike thanked us for making a physical event possible after all. Our guests felt secure at all times and were pleased with the personal exchange and the new input."

Frank Junker, Creative Director Munich Fabric Start


Among the 1,300 visiting companies on site were well-known brands such as Adidas, Aigner, Alberto, Bogner, Drykorn, Gerry Weber, Hugo Boss, Irene Luft, Lanius, Malaikaraiss, MAC, Marc O’Polo, Mey, Oui, Puma, Riani, Rich&Royal, s.Oliver, Seidensticker, SET, VETEMENTS and Wolford.


At FABRIC DAYS, around 3,600 national and international visitors from 30 countries gathered new impulses and inspiration for the Autumn.Winter 21/22 collection. Long-term partners as well as exciting newcomers presented their developments in the 6 areas Fabrics, Additionals, Denim & Sportswear, Innovations, Design Studios and Sourcing – whereby the condensed hall layout offered optimal conditions for cross-segment communication and networking.


HOPETIMISM was the seasonal theme of the visionary Trend Forum at FABRIC DAYS – and was literally experienced at FABRIC DAYS:


"I am really happy to meet our most important partners in person thanks to FABRIC DAYS. I can finally feel the spirit that defines our industry again – experience tactile collections as well as gather information and inspirations."

Michael Seiter, Strellson


"Munich Fabric Start has always been an important date in the year for our team, so it was no question for us to also travel to Munich for FABRIC DAYS. The high quality of the exhibitors really surprised us – and we really like the pleasant atmosphere here."

Dorothee Schumacher



Of course, safety and hygiene had the highest priority during the implementation of FABRIC DAYS. All visitors, exhibitors and contributors showed full understanding and took the extensive hygiene and safety measures into account with a high degree of naturalness and a positive spirit:


"Especially in these times, we are looking for approaches for positive thinking and new impulses. Therefore, for us as exhibitors for many years, participation in FABRIC DAYS was out of the question. And it has been confirmed: The team has managed to organize a trade fair even under these conditions, which has made personal meetings and business possible again. The hygiene measures, such as maintaining a safe distance and wearing a mouth and nose cover, were implemented perfectly and were also very well accepted by the visitors."

Piovese Fashion


"It was a very good feeling to participate in a trade fair again and to see our customers in person. Fabrics are tactile products that cannot be completely replaced by digital meetings – therefore we are very grateful for the organization of the fair. We always felt super safe with all the clear hygiene measures. In general, the organizers have really done an excellent job, so that FABRIC DAYS can be seen as an example for other fairs."

Fusion CPH



The foyer of Hall 4 of the MOC was dedicated to innovative approaches. The proven ReSource Area informed interested visitors about the wide range of sustainable fabrics and additionals. Right next to ReSource, SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS curator Simon Angel presented futuristic projects: "From Trash to Treasure" by Youyang Song, "Living Materials" by Iris Bekkers, "Solar Self" by Pauline van Dongen and "Perfect Imperfection" by Studio Mend.



With the hygiene and safety measures implemented at FABRIC DAYS, the organizers have created a good basis for planning the upcoming trade fairs. Building on this, the FABRIC DAYS team is now looking ahead and starting with the planning for the next fairs:



Spring.Summer 22

8 & 9 December 2020



Spring.Summer 22

26 – 28 January 2021


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