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Great International Flair – Strong Interaction

The 44th MUNICH FABRIC START drawing to a close last Thursday set another milestone. From 30/01 to 01/02/2018 the focus of the entire textile and fashion industry lay in Munich. More than 1800 collections from international fabrics and accessories suppliers were showcased.

New technologies, innovative sustainable materials, special dyeing and finishing processes, shine, colour and prints are the tendencies and, at the same time, a plea for rich fabrics in Spring.Summer 19. A definite among the fashion favourites for the next summer season is the range of intensive colours, translated into new nuances. Combined with shine, from iridescent and Lurex and lamè through to lacquered finishes.

Offering great potential are current developments and innovations in the field of sustainability that serves a huge spectrum of smart solutions and natural processes. Awareness of natural production methods and resource saving is growing noticeably along the sector's entire value-added chain. Numerous approaches from recycling and closed-loop systems through to natural dyeing processes form further focal points which are further developed and feature an ever wider and heavier weighting on the market.

The investment in a progressive format consistently pursued by MUNICH FABRIC START is paying off. The platform for product presentation, innovation and interaction through to technical process solutions is understood and brings great traction.

'Our declared aim is to develop our pioneering role as an innovative trade fair, to intensify our commitment, to support our partners with the ever more demanding and complex tasks, to supply input and initiate partnerships.'
Wolfgang Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START

Its continual rise in popularity among international buyers, designers and product managers as well as three very well attended days at the fair underline the significance of MUNICH FABRIC START as one of the most important trade fairs in the international textile industry. Going down particularly well were the Trend and Colour Forums that offered sound insights into new fabric and accessory highlights and impressively staged the colour themes for the new season. The extended seminar programmes on topics like Smart Textiles, AI in Fashion, Sustainability and Fashion Trends also offered lots of input and insights that went down very well with trade visitors.

'We are totally impressed by the input offered by MUNICH FABIC START in the different segments. This definitely has the potential for two days. We will be putting this slot for September into our diaries.'
Angela Wendel, Adidas

'Munich Fabric Start is a totally exciting trade fair with great exhibitors and interesting products. Very modern, very innovative and huge. I have always found my highlights here, also this season.'
Marcel Ostertag

'At MUNICH FABRIC START we work in a targeted and focused manner to finalise the collection. We always discover innovations that are great for rounding off collections. At this trade fair we also value the combination of denim and fabric ranges. For us this is a perfect fit. While already rounding off the denim segment with this trade fair we also take another in-depth look in the flats segment.'
Michael Seiter, Holy Fashion Group

One of the special highlights at MUNICH FABRIC START is without a doubt the exclusive private lecture given by Li Edelkoort in the impressive backdrop and architecture of BMW World. Some 200 guests avidly followed the trend researcher's comments delivered here for the first time on the Autumn.Winter 19/20 season.

KEYHOUSE developed its very own special dynamics as an innovation and technology centre. As a platform for the fusion of fashion, innovation and technology Keyhouse posted three intense days with high visitor footfall. This makes it clear how intense the search for smart process solutions is, how important and prestigious the topic of sustainability is and how extensively smart textiles, biotech and digitalisation have been integrated. And so the interest in interactions, seminars and guided tours was also huge, for instance the ones carried out exclusively by Sourcebook and FashNerd.

'We value the interdisciplinary nature of this event. This is particularly important for us, especially in the field of technological innovations and wearables. Many great things only arise when you bring together the key collaborators. This is the fourth time we have been actively involved in KEYHOUSE and we observe an increasing openness on the part of the audience towards the integration of technology in textiles.'
Marte Hentschel, Sourcebook

'KEYHOUSE and BLUEZONE as an integrative part of MUNICH FABRIC START have established themselves as an incubator for textile innovation and cross-sector collaborations and are continuing to develop to push ahead with the topics of Sustainability and Smart Fashion for the future. The event is marked by an open attitude towards industry-relevant questions and discussions and it actively promotes knowledge exchange between those involved.'
Tomas Vucurevic, BRAIND

Already for the fourth time now KEYHOUSE hosted the presentation of the HighTex Award, MUNICH FABRIC START's innovation prize. The 1st prize went to Soorty Enterprises from Pakistan for a sustainably produced denim fabric. Achieving second place was Vivify Textiles from Australia for a 100% recycled polyester satin. Third went to Tintex Textiles from Portugal for an interlocked cotton fabric with recycled elasthane. The prizes were awarded by a jury of media experts and fashion professionals consisting of Regine Hövelmann (AMD – Akademie Mode & Design), Alexander Vogt (Kern Kommunikation), Simon Angel (Lecturer Sustainable Business and Strategy, Fashion Masters at ArtEZ), Frank Junker (Creative Director Munich Fabric Start) and Joachim Baumgartner (Fabrics & Trends, Munich Fabric Start).

'The KEYHOUSE features future textile related developments and perspectives. The Sustainable Innovations Area is a meeting point for textile professionals to explore, to share knowledge and to inspire. The KEYHOUSE context created an energetic environment to start conversations with designers, product developers, textile professionals, press, scientists and companies from interdisciplinary sectors like automotive, interior, healthcare or education. The personal interaction was highly appreciated and has led follow-up.'
Simon Angel, Curator Sustainable Innovations

The current BLUEZONE (30 to 31 January 2018) closed after two days as the best Denim Show since its inception. The growing interest from international brands in product innovations, modified finishes and new production processes was very apparent.
'By combining BLUEZONE with KEYHOUSE as an interactive and thematically concentrated centre of innovation a unique and pulsating platform has arisen here that is gaining in international appeal and prestige. We have created a trendsetting format here for a swift-acting sector that sets new standards.'
Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START

This not only benefits the over 100 leading international Denim + Sportswear Fabric suppliers but also, very specifically, the increasing quality of visitors from home and abroad.

'A clear signal of the importance of BLUEZONE and its timing were the numerous market launches and product developments presented here for the first time. For instance, Candiani Denim with their biodegradable denim development Re-Gen, alongside Kitotex® and Indigo Juice®. Or Orta with Exoart and the new Denim Tech line. Kassim Denim presented the new Premium-Sustainability line 'Made in Germany' in cooperation with German universities. Calik Denim showcased the lines 'Smart Stretch' and 'Fly Jean'. SAAT launched their 'Dyneema Capsule Collection' in cooperation with BMW Motorcycles and Naveena Denim.'
Panos Sofianos, Denim Curator BLUEZONE

The workshops and panels initiated in the Denim Club as well as the vibrantly led discussions and talks show how important and popular exchange and networking are in the sector. From these impulses a strong Denim Community has now developed with incomparable commitment.

'The BLUEZONE is far more than just a platform for collection presentation. It is also trendsetting marking a significant change in direction, especially in conjunction with KEYHOUSE as a complementary centre of innovation. It is the ideal forum for us to present here our Ecody concept as well as Functional Denim.'
Gülfem Santo, Orta

'The BLUEZONE has great appeal, especially for the northern European market. This is where the denim community meets. At the same time, the quality of visitors is very high. Not coming here simply isn't an option.'
Harun Akgül, F'Blue

'For me BLUEZONE is held at a very favourable time for viewing new developments again. I also value the business atmosphere here. Exhibitors and buyers talk about topics that move the sector, about new concepts and paths. The combination here is also unique with the key denim producers on the one hand and the technical know-how from other industries on the other. The event shows you everything that can be possible in future if you are prepared to adopt innovative paths. This is also why the large range of information featuring panel discussions and expert talks goes so well with this trade fair's USP.'
Mohsin Sajid, Endrime

The next MUNICH FABRIC START on the Autumn.Winter 19/20 season will run from 4 to 6 September 2018. As usual, BLUEZONE suppliers will be showcasing their latest product developments in concentrated form at the Zenith venue from 4 to 5 September 2018.

Providing an initial overview of the new Winter season is VIEW Premium Selection from 17 to 18 July 2018.

In parallel and directly adjacent to MUNICH FABRIC START is the second edition of MUNICH APPAREL SOURCE in Munich from 4 to 6 September 2018.


'Processing my Realities.' This is the overarching trend theme at the latest edition of MUNICH FABRIC START. It impressively reflects the power of those interactions which seem so violent at present within the textile and fashion industry. The clash between online and analogue, between Industry 4.0 and skilled craftsmanship, between the virtual and the existent. And between Man + Machine, the concept theme of the BLUEZONE.

You need a great deal of resilience to move within these worlds and allow a homogeneous whole to develop. Providing an initial impression of the transformation in real time and of the original materials and findings for the Spring.Summer 19 season is the trend installation featuring an additional photo gallery and video installation in the foyer of the MOC.

MUNICH FABRIC START brings together the vitality of all these apparent opposites and converts their energetic potential into a stable platform with a mature and future-oriented identity and reality. Focused on product optimisation and the further development of solutions-oriented process innovation.

MUNICH FABRIC START also once again offers an exclusive and jam-packed agenda of supporting events specially developed by textile and fashion experts for these increasingly demanding market segments – a programme that provides impulses, indicates solutions and offers the opportunity for direct exchange. One that provides information on future trends and tendencies and leaves scope for exciting discussions. The programme includes trend seminars, panel discussions and workshops.

'As we see it, a trade fair should at each event offer a reflection of the market with perspective solutions and a concept portfolio geared to the future. We see ourselves here as a communicator, medium, networker and platform. This mediating role will become even more important in the future.' Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START

In this pioneering and progressive spirit the KEYHOUSE, as a specially created centre of expertise and innovation for technological progress and sustainable innovations, focuses on e-textiles, bio-tech, sustainability as well as advanced manufacturing. The strong and intensive integration of technology and development within the product segments is one of MUNICH FABRIC START's prime areas of expertise. Our previous events have already impressively demonstrated this process.

Integrated into the exhibition concept at KEYHOUSE are the prizewinning developments of the HIGHTEX AWARD, MUNICH FABRIC START's innovation prize, that has already been presented four times now. An expert jury made up of media representatives and fashion professionals viewed and evaluated the most innovative product developments in the Smart Textiles, Sustainability, Resource Efficiency and Circularity Process segments in the run-up. Presentation of the HIGHTEX AWARD makes it possible to reach a marketing-relevant audience and have the kind of media impact that is proven to boost product launches long-term.

The award ceremony will be held in the Forum at KEYHOUSE on the 2nd day of the trade fair (31 January | 10.30 am).

Over the past eight years organicselection has developed into a meta-sourcing and trend information platform for innovative materials, blends and production techniques. Presented here once again is a large, inspiring, trend-setting and topical selection of innovative, future-oriented and sustainable fabrics, additionals and processing trends. Annexed onto this is the Sustainable Innovations Forum, a special section for sustainable new developments and innovative highlights.

As a show in show concept the key Denim & Sportswear Brands will be presenting their latest product developments and process solutions in the BLUEZONE, one of the most important denim shows worldwide, from 30 to 31 January 2018. Dedicated workshops, panel discussions as well as the first screening of the documentary River Blue followed by an expert panel discussion supplementing the trade fair feature. The BLUEZONE with its special Man + Machine theme also focuses on the dialogue between manual skills and technology. At times harmoniously complementing each other and at others highlighting their differences. This is reflected in our continued focus on the idea of the Concept Zone. Thematically supported by panel discussions and lectures in the BLUEZONE Denim Club centring, amongst other things, on the development of fitted jeans, the future of heritage, the automation of finishes and sustainability in practice.

'Our declared aim is to further develop our pioneering role as an innovations fair, to step up our commitment to support our partners in ever more demanding and complex tasks, to supply input and to initiate partnerships. To create the basis for a successful business. With our focus always on investment in the product and the associated optimisation.' Wolfgang Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START

Going forward MUNICH FABRIC START will even more strongly utilise the advantages of the trade fair location of Munich and pursue an integrated concept in a more visible way than in the past. For instance, at the next edition BMW World will serve as a new and fascinating venue for an exclusive trend workshop care of Li Edelkoort on the second day of MUNICH FABRIC START (31 January 2018). In a private lecture featuring exclusive and hitherto unpublished content the internationally renowned trend researcher will provide initial insights into the 19/20 Fall.Winter season.

In times of ever tighter schedules, seasonal shifts and overlaps, of emerging new technologies and functionalities as well as changing production processes MUNICH FABRIC START considers linking up specialists and their knowledge to bring about networking one of its main tasks.

MUNICH FABRIC START has the necessary flexibility to offer the required capacities and qualitative know-how to offer an ideal platform for a large community in both breadth and depth and to thereby create pioneering new impulses.

Impressively documented by the 44th edition of MUNICH FABRIC START with over 1,800 collections of the more than 1,000 leading international suppliers and producers of FABRICS and ADDITIONALS for Spring.Summer 19.

Halls 3 + 4 alone are host to over 800 leading international FABRIC SUPPLIERS showcasing their current fabric developments for Spring.Summer19 on three floors.

Complemented by the creative section of the DESIGN STUDIOS on the First Floor with exclusive and individual design concepts of the most important European design studios and trend bureaus.

ADDITIONALS as an independent feature is concentrated in Halls 1 + 2 with approx. 300 exhibitors. At ASIA SALON some 100 international specialists from the Far East will present their comprehensive product portfolio in the High-Tech, Function and Value categories.

You can find the comprehensive event and lectures programme featuring interesting talks, high-calibre panel discussions and workshops online at » Events & Dates

Further detailed information on MUNICH FABRIC START can be found on our website

The press gallery with a comprehensive selection of photos is available to you at

As usual, MUNICH FABRIC START invites suppliers, decision-makers and creatives to MUNICH FABRIC NIGHT on the first evening of trade fair at 6.30 pm in Atrium 2 of the MOC.


Already for the third time now the HIGHTEX AWARD was presented as an exclusive innovation prize at MUNICH FABRIC START. Specially designed on the basis of the latest technological material and process innovations in modern 3D production by VOJD Studios Berlin. 

The winners were announced at the last MUNICH FABRIC START in Munich from 5 to 7 September 2017. Forming the perfect backdrop for this was the KEYHOUSE venue as a centre of innovation and expertise for new, smart fabric and additionals development.

A photocatalytic denim that binds air particles via sunlight thanks to its special finish made Kassim Denim the winner of the HighTex Award. At the award ceremony Qasim Ahmed highlighted the wholistic innovative and sustainable approach focused on by Kassim Denim with its new developments.
The Invisible & Verleihungsfotos mit allen 3 Gewinnern, Alex & Sebastian Schoeller Textil from Switzerland took second place with a sustainable soft shell fabric combined with merino wool.

'We are particularly delighted that this award for our Schoeller fabric paid such great tribute to topic of sustainability. This prize is very important as it makes the public at large aware of future-oriented, sustainable product developments.'
Sandra Hilty, Schoeller Textil

Third prize went to Vilartex aus Portugal, awarded for a new fibre combination containing 13% stinging nettle, thereby highlighting a new way of using a natural raw material that can be sustainably cultivated.

This differentiated selection of market-relevant international companies in terms of technological approaches and functionalities within future-oriented product development once again demonstrates the need for a new developmental push, investment potential and the search for innovations. From this approach a complex performance spectrum has now emerged with international participation for the textile and fashion market. Presenting the HIGHTEX AWARD reaches both a marketing relevant public and achieves media impact as proven means to sustainably to push product launches.

'At MUNICH FABRIC START we see it as one of our core tasks to give this innovation management in the textile industry a high-impact public platform, to provide information on the state of the art on this growing market and highlight possibilities for networking and cooperation. The KEYHOUSE as a centre of innovation and expertise offers the perfect setting for this.'
Frank Junker, Creative Director MUNICH FABRIC START

The spectrum of the over 1,500 product developments clustered according to the latest standards and submitted in the run-up to the trade fair once again presented a hugely varied range. These were primarily aimed at the principles of added value and/or increased functionality, equipped with functions for combatting harmful environmental influences as well as meeting the requirements of a smart fabric generation.

Convening in the atmospheric setting of the Galerie '30Works' in Cologne at the end of August an expert jury, consisting of Christel Wickerath, Textilwirtschaft, Philipp Walendy, Alberto, Alex Vogt, Kern Kommunikation, Jo Baumgartner, Trends and Fabrics MUNICH FABRIC START as well as Frank Junker and Wolfgang Klinder, met to choose the most innovative developments. Not an easy decision given the numerous entries boasting excellent quality and innovation standards.

The entries were evaluated according to the following criteria High-Tex, Technology, Smart Fibres, Sustainability, Resource-Efficiency, Finishing, Finish, Functionality, Health and Circularity Process. Key criteria when judging the submitted fabrics and additionals were the aspects of process realisation and guaranteed market viability.

According to data from the textile and clothing association Deutscher Verband für Textil + Mode, technical textiles now account for a third of turnover in the textile industry. The strongest sales drivers here are high-tech fibres. The greatest future potential lies in smart textiles and wearables.
It is therefore only logical that this identified market potential is given a broad stage in Munich at leading international trade fairs for fabrics and additionals. Numerous interactions, round tables and key notes are now increasingly exploring the complex and global theme.

The recently ending MUNICH FABRIC START therefore offered the ideal basis for the creation of networks fostering creativity, technology, process and communication. The dynamism and concentration of these components as well as the intensity they generate make it possible to already now experience the future in specific segments in a tangible way.

The next HIGHTEX AWARD will be presented at the next MUNICH FABRIC START running from 30 January to 1 February 2018.


The MUNICH FABRIC START from 5 to 7 September 2017 that has just drawn to a close was a very special one and to a certain extent served as an indicator for the trade fair's future direction. Numerous innovations, developments and optimisations were once again used to visualise ideas giving the sector a platform for creativity and technical developments. In Munich the future is real and technology the key to a broad-based textiles and fashion industry brimming with dynamism that is both tangible and perceivable.

To the tune of 20,500 visitors from Germany and abroad were able to convince themselves of this in themed areas. This means another slight increase in attendance of just above 1%, which was registered after the end of the trade fair in addition to an extended length of stay over all three trade fair days.

The textile and apparel industry was in for a dense and high-quality information and service package brimming with new formats, forward-looking approaches as well as inspiring showcases in addition to high-calibre international seminars and conferences. Centre stage at the event now expanded both in terms of floor space and content were the (for the first time) over 2,000 collections from 1,200 international suppliers – a varied and exclusive spectrum of high-impact FABRICS and ADDITIONALS presented at the yet again fully booked MOC, the Zenith Area as well as the MTC which was occupied for the first time.

'With our leading trade fair MUNICH FABRIC START, the BLUEZONE for Denim+Sportswear, KEYHOUSE as an innovation and competence centre as well as MUNICH APPAREL SOURCE as a sourcing platform we offer a comprehensive, content-driven and forward-looking strategic concept. We have made it clear once again that we can take the initiative and assume responsibility for an exhibition event oriented towards the future.' Wolfgang Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START

BLUEZONE – INFINITE DENIM SUPPLY BLUEZONE was presented with a revisited concept as one of the world's biggest denim + sportswear shows with over 110 brands. The progressively designed Denim Club was in great demand as a discussion and trend research forum; and INFINITE as a forward-looking trend concept that re-defines and strikingly visualises the target group approach as an integrated, supra-seasonal format.

KEYHOUSE – EXPLORE THE INDUSTRY 4.0 Designed as an interface and innovation and competence centre for international vendors, KEYHOUSE proved a major attraction once again. Numerous products – from new fibres and innovative fabrics through to consulting and novel finishes – saw their market launch here.

Featuring at KEYHOUSE for the first time, the competence and innovation centre of MUNICH FABRIC START, the MicroFactory, served as a blueprint for re-shuffling the supply/manufacturing chain. Here the production of the future could be experienced hands on. For the first time, Industry 4.0 was demonstrated live as a fully connected and integrated manufacturing chain from design through to the finished product.

'There are not many opportunities to see such a manufacturing chain demonstrated live. Key here is to broaden horizons, generate stimuli and to get a chance to assess this approach. It is important to raise the awareness of technology suppliers about working in the chain.' Christian Kaiser, DITF

Also fitting this context is the extended OrganicSelection and the Sustainable Innovations Forum. Here sustainability is presented in a comprehensive and complex manner and the call to develop fabric innovations that look to the future and that elucidate and explain – is a convincing one.

'Technical innovations in fibres, fabrics and finishes as well as sustainable concepts for every stage of the production and value chain provide fashion with new content – giving fashion a heart and reviving its spirit and soul. Even today innovation and sustainability are already impacting many fashion collections and are increasingly becoming the undisputed future of prêt-à-porter. This is precisely the interface that KEYHOUSE highlights and why it has become the source of cross-trend inspirations and impulses for MUNICH FABRIC START.' Alex Vogt, kernkommunikation

FashNerd is the fastest growing digital magazine covering fashion and technology. Its topic: how fast the growing expertise and presence of smart textiles is changing the textile and fashion industry and how far we still are from the mainstream and reaching inside consumers' heads. In her impressive keynote Muchaneta Kapfunde, the founder of FashNerd, presented the radical change of smart textiles caught between reality and fabric-related technology.

Presented for the third time now was the HIGHTEX AWARD, the innovation award of MUNICH FABRIC START. The winner was Kassim Denim with a photo-catalytic denim that binds particles from the air in sunlight thanks to a special finish. The runner-up was Schoeller Textil with a sustainable soft shell combined with merino wool. In third place was Vilartex with a novel fibre composition containing 13% nettle.

The other highlights at KEYHOUSE without a doubt included the trend seminar presented by Li Edelkoort with her familiar style and brilliance. She interpreted the trends for Autumn.Winter 18/19 and gave an exclusive preview of the fundamental colour stories for Summer 2019. As well as the passionately presented analysis plus future outlook by David Shah, publisher of the VIEW publications; Shah talked about societal and generational constellations under the headline 'Move over Darling'.

MUNICH APPAREL SOURCE – MANUFACTURING & SOURCING Celebrating its debut at the Munich trade fair location was MUNICH APPAREL SOURCE as a logical consequence in order to present the segments of design, manufacturing, including fabric and findings sourcing in their entirety and with continuity. This new trade fair was kicked off by the patterns X.0 conference on the digitalisation of the value chain with an excellent line-up of speakers and it was hosted by Holger Knapp, General Manager at Deutscher Fachverlag. Answers, outlooks and examples from manufacturing and distribution processes were presented by co-organiser Hans Peter Hiemer, b4b GmbH besides Robert Sinclair President of Li&Fung, Hong Kong and Martijn Hagman, CFO of Tommy Hilfiger/PvH Europe, to name but a few speakers.

'The current MUNICH FABRIC START has performed important pioneering work in areas of relevance to the future. A network of creativity, technology, processes and communication has emerged that makes dynamism and densification a real experience thereby creating an intensity that was received well by both exhibitors and visitors alike. We have succeeded in generating impulses, providing inspiration and establishing contacts. This is a major success of the trade fair. However, we are sufficiently self-critical to know that there is some fine tuning still needed here and there. In feedback conversations with our partners this will be sounded out.' Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START

MUNIQUE MOODS The overall positive mood was also reflected by the MUNICH FABRIC NIGHT Munique Moods, now a firm fixture on the trade fair agenda. The industry was in the mood for dancing – winding down from the 2nd day of the trade fair with live covers care of Gerry and Gary.

» Download Press Images (Highres) | » Show Press Gallery VIEW as the early exclusive event in Munich will already be held from 5 to 6 December 2017 showcasing the first collections for Summer 2019. These dates and the trade fair format were confirmed as a fixture that is urgently needed in many talks with suppliers and visitors, especially high-quality brands and designers.

Combined with MUNICH FABRIC START as sequenced events optimum synchronisation is achieved for the most assured planning of collections possible. All the more as the early fabrics and additional lines are already very developed and their statements very concise.

The next MUNICH FARBIC START will be held from 30 January to 1 February 2018.