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Noticeable enthusiasm, the ideal starting point for the collection design for Autumn.Winter 21/22 and a good visitor frequency – a result with which the condensed and business-focused trade fair format as the first fabric fair after the lockdown confirms that a physical event is accepted and needed by the industry in these times.


Dear press and media representatives,

Thanks to the great support from suppliers, the trust of the industry and the close cooperation with Messe München, the organizers have succeeded in creating a parade example for the following trade fairs under the new conditions with FABRIC DAYS.


"With the organization of the first fabric trade fair for the textile industry, we took on a great responsibility. After the cancellation of numerous trade fair events, we are particularly proud to have been able to realize FABRIC DAYS. The positive response and gratitude is overwhelming. We are very pleased about the cohesion and also the discipline with which everyone here on site worked together and we are happy to conclude the trade fair as an important source of inspiration with this result."

Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director Munich Fabric Start



"Due to the pandemic, no one could tell what the visitor frequency would be like at the fair. So we are all the happier that an unexpectedly large number of designers, product managers and buyers travelled to Munich to explore the over 700 collections from 300 international suppliers. Many visitors and exhibitors alike thanked us for making a physical event possible after all. Our guests felt secure at all times and were pleased with the personal exchange and the new input."

Frank Junker, Creative Director Munich Fabric Start


Among the 1,300 visiting companies on site were well-known brands such as Adidas, Aigner, Alberto, Bogner, Drykorn, Gerry Weber, Hugo Boss, Irene Luft, Lanius, Malaikaraiss, MAC, Marc O’Polo, Mey, Oui, Puma, Riani, Rich&Royal, s.Oliver, Seidensticker, SET, VETEMENTS and Wolford.


At FABRIC DAYS, around 3,600 national and international visitors from 30 countries gathered new impulses and inspiration for the Autumn.Winter 21/22 collection. Long-term partners as well as exciting newcomers presented their developments in the 6 areas Fabrics, Additionals, Denim & Sportswear, Innovations, Design Studios and Sourcing – whereby the condensed hall layout offered optimal conditions for cross-segment communication and networking.


HOPETIMISM was the seasonal theme of the visionary Trend Forum at FABRIC DAYS – and was literally experienced at FABRIC DAYS:


"I am really happy to meet our most important partners in person thanks to FABRIC DAYS. I can finally feel the spirit that defines our industry again – experience tactile collections as well as gather information and inspirations."

Michael Seiter, Strellson


"Munich Fabric Start has always been an important date in the year for our team, so it was no question for us to also travel to Munich for FABRIC DAYS. The high quality of the exhibitors really surprised us – and we really like the pleasant atmosphere here."

Dorothee Schumacher



Of course, safety and hygiene had the highest priority during the implementation of FABRIC DAYS. All visitors, exhibitors and contributors showed full understanding and took the extensive hygiene and safety measures into account with a high degree of naturalness and a positive spirit:


"Especially in these times, we are looking for approaches for positive thinking and new impulses. Therefore, for us as exhibitors for many years, participation in FABRIC DAYS was out of the question. And it has been confirmed: The team has managed to organize a trade fair even under these conditions, which has made personal meetings and business possible again. The hygiene measures, such as maintaining a safe distance and wearing a mouth and nose cover, were implemented perfectly and were also very well accepted by the visitors."

Piovese Fashion


"It was a very good feeling to participate in a trade fair again and to see our customers in person. Fabrics are tactile products that cannot be completely replaced by digital meetings – therefore we are very grateful for the organization of the fair. We always felt super safe with all the clear hygiene measures. In general, the organizers have really done an excellent job, so that FABRIC DAYS can be seen as an example for other fairs."

Fusion CPH



The foyer of Hall 4 of the MOC was dedicated to innovative approaches. The proven ReSource Area informed interested visitors about the wide range of sustainable fabrics and additionals. Right next to ReSource, SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS curator Simon Angel presented futuristic projects: "From Trash to Treasure" by Youyang Song, "Living Materials" by Iris Bekkers, "Solar Self" by Pauline van Dongen and "Perfect Imperfection" by Studio Mend.



With the hygiene and safety measures implemented at FABRIC DAYS, the organizers have created a good basis for planning the upcoming trade fairs. Building on this, the FABRIC DAYS team is now looking ahead and starting with the planning for the next fairs:



Spring.Summer 22

8 & 9 December 2020



Spring.Summer 22

26 – 28 January 2021


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In order to still offer our loyal exhibitors a perspective despite the cancellation of Munich Fabric Start, we are now organising a special business event that concentrates on the essentials and keeps the scheduling: FABRIC DAYS from 1 - 3 September 2020.

Two weeks ago, MUNICH FABRIC START from 1 - 3 September 2020 as the first trade fair for the textile industry after the Covid-19 lockdown was confirmed – taking into account the applicable safety and hygiene measures. With the move to the large interim location of Messe München-Riem and the exhibitor registrations of 650 suppliers received at the beginning of June, it was possible to implement this challenging plan despite the short time available.


The organisers have been working flat out to organise a trade fair at the well-known level and thus offer the industry a perspective.


Unfortunately, despite all our efforts, the organisers are now forced to cancel MUNICH FABRIC START and BLUEZONE from 1 - 3 September 2020.


This hard decision is mainly based on the ongoing travel restrictions in and outside of Europe which is causing great planning uncertainty for companies and has led to cancellations by international exhibitors who had previously confirmed their participation. These issues make it impossible for us to realize this trade fair in the previously announced and well-known form.


”Despite all our efforts we now had to make the difficult but unavoidable decision to cancel MUNICH FABRIC START and BLUEZONE from 1 - 3 September 2020 due to the continuing travel restrictions and further exhibitor cancellations as a result. Our priority now is to offer a special event to those exhibitors and agencies who are willing and able to present their new products on this date. With FABRIC DAYS, we offer a business focused event in Munich that concentrates on the essentials and enables the industry to work efficiently under the new conditions.”
Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START


The organisers are encouraged by the commitment, support and cooperation of a large group of exhibitors and long-standing partners who, despite the difficult situation, remain registered and have confirmed their participation in the fair.


As a partner to the industry, it is part of the MUNICH FABRIC START team’s philosophy to now offer an event to the exhibitors and agencies who want to keep this appointment and definitely want to exhibit in Munich. FABRIC DAYS is a special event format for a limited number of exhibitors in four halls of the MOC, taking into account the applicable safety and hygiene measures.


FABRIC DAYS from 1 - 3 September 2020 in Munich presents a business focused event format which is reduced to the essentials and designed to stabilise and support the industry in the return to business. Thus, the MUNICH FABRIC START team will continue to pursue the goal of providing the industry with a valuable and positive impulse.


FABRIC DAYS: 1 – 3 September 2020

VIEW PREMIUM SELECTION: 8 – 9 December 2020

MUNICH FABRIC START: 26 – 28 January 2021




Based on valuable insights and the feedback of experts and producers against the background of current developments, we are compelled to cancel VIEW Premium Selection on July 14 - 15, 2020. This decision is a very difficult one for us. We deeply regret that we will not be able to hold our beloved VIEW this summer – especially since we know how important it is for the textile industry to exchange personal information and resume business relations as quickly as possible.

Dear press- and media representatives,


In the current difficult and uncertain situation, it is more important than ever to work together and to face the newly emerging challenges as a strong community. In that respect, we are aware of the great importance and relevance our trade fairs has for manufacturers and fashion companies as a platform for exchange and business.


In view of the fact that the VIEW does not necessarily fall under the ban on major events announced by the German government on April 15th 2020 as well as based on the latest expert findings, we also remain in close contact with other trade fair organisers and associations. Last week, we also conducted a survey among the mainstay of our event, our exhibitors, asking them for their opinion and assessment of VIEW Premium Selection in July 2020.


The survey showed that the majority of the market has no need for a preview textile fair in this extraordinary situation, as most of the new collections cannot be developed in time due to confirmed production delays. Moreover, the ban on major events and travel restrictions, which are likely to remain in place for some time, does not allow for the necessary planning for this B2B event in July. Above all, the health and safety of our exhibitors and visitors is our top priority.


“Based on these valuable insights and the feedback of experts and producers against the background of current developments, we are compelled to cancel VIEW Premium Selection on July 14 - 15, 2020. This decision is a very difficult one for us. We deeply regret that we will not be able to hold our beloved VIEW this summer – especially since we know how important it is for the textile industry to exchange personal information and resume business relations as quickly as possible. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our exhibitors, visitors and our service companies for their great loyalty, optimism and trust in us at all times which we greatly appreciate. We’re continuing to do our best to provide an optimal platform as soon as possible.”

Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director Munich Fabric Start



“Our goal now is to be able to organise MUNICH FABRIC START from 01 - 03 September 2020 followed by VIEW Premium Selection from 08 - 09 December 2020. Of course, following the necessary precautions, which includes ongoing integrated hygiene measures as well as controlled visitor guidance and minimum distance rules on site. Together with various specialists, we are currently working on a step-by-step plan with specific recommendations for action on the implementation of trade fairs which take into account any official regulations.”

Frank Junker, Creative Director MUNICH FABRIC START


The ban on major events in Germany is currently in effect until August 31st 2020, which according to current planning means we offer the first possible platform to kick off the Autumn.Winter 21/22 season with our MUNICH FABRIC START trade fair date. The numerous stand registrations already received are a great support for our efforts.


We thank everyone who is actively shaping the future together with us and we are looking forward to a reunion with all industry players in Munich again soon.


Stay healthy!




During this difficult and uncertain phase, the thoughts and sympathy of the entire MUNICH FABRIC START team are especially with people who live in countries without a functioning healthcare system or facing evacuation. We are aware of the impact on the global textile industry and see the great challenges our industry has to face...

As an organiser of trade fairs, the current situation also prevents the heart of our business: bringing together people and exchanging information in the industry. We are aware of the great importance and relevance of our trade fair for manufacturers and fashion companies.


“In this situation, the next meeting and exchange of ideas will become incredibly important. We want to set an example by offering a perspective and providing the textile industry a platform with optimal conditions as soon as possible. To achieve this, we remain flexible in our actions and are prepared to respond to any future developments. We are currently organising the next two fairs as usual and are working at full capacity to ensure that VIEW Premium Selection in July 2020 and MUNICH FABRIC START in September 2020 can take place on the planned dates.”
Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START


The current time of isolation and social distancing affects all players in the industry which is why coming together at the fair will be immensely valuable. This is confirmed by the usual high number of registrations and positive feedback we are currently receiving. BLUEZONE is already fully booked for September 2020 and we are stunned by the great amount of trust and loyalty placed in us.


At this point, we also try to put ourselves in the position of the exhibitors and visitors to find solutions which are best for all parties involved. To this end, we are currently examining various scenarios with which we can react flexibly and in a solution-oriented manner to any changes in government guidelines for events.


“At the moment, it is probably more a question of thinking about how to organise a trade fair with Corona – instead of after Corona. We are therefore already thinking about necessary modifications for possible Plan B scenarios. In addition to hygiene measures, this may include for example, widening aisles between the stands to create the necessary distancing, possibly regulating access to the exhibition halls, distributing the visitor flow to avoid congestion, distance markings or digital ticketing.”
Frank Junker, Creative Director MUNICH FABRIC START


The current push for digital alternatives also offers interesting approaches. We are taking a proactive approach to the opportunities which may open up here in the future. At the same time, we are convinced that a digital solution can never completely replace our core business, textile products. Therefore, our Plan B is not necessarily completely digital – in view of the fact that a digital format involves many different parameters and functions that have to interlock perfectly. Therefore, if we were to implement a digital format within only a few months, we will not be able to meet all of our requirements.


There are still several months until our trade fair dates – valuable time that can be decisive. For the moment, it means waiting for developments in the next few weeks and making decisions on this basis. At this point in time, it is still too early to make a final statement on the execution of the two trade fairs. It is expected that we will be able to make a decision at the end of April as to whether the fairs can take place. We are in close contact with other trade fair organizers and rely on the findings of experts and political decisions, without own interpretations or statements on the current social and political issues.


We look forward to hopefully seeing all industry players soon again in Munich. Stay healthy!