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Li Edelkoort, icon of trend research, will hold one of her exclusive trend seminars in Munich. Experience the visionary live in a two hours event with exclusive content for 2020. Her impressive presentation will feature the fashion trends Spring/Summer 2020, the full Colour Forecast 2020 as well as Activewear Trends 2020. This event is the perfect inspirational source and working tool for all those who live design. 

Tuesday, 29 January 2019, 4.00pm - 6.30pm
Keyhouse, Hall 5



We kindly ask you to register asap since seats are limited. 
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3.30pm - 4.00pm: Registration & Welcome
4.00pm - 5.00pm: FOLKLORE Fashion Trends SPRING/SUMMER 2020
5.00pm - 5.30pm: COLOURS SPRING/SUMMER 2020 - Full Colour Forecast
5.30pm - 6.00pm: ACTIVEWEAR SPRING/SUMMER 2020 - Full Trend Forecast
6.00pm - 6.30pm: Meet & Greet Drink with Li Edelkoort


Folklore is as old as humanity and can be seen as a mirror of culture, a key to society, a projection of the mind. Folklore can be considered the unselfconscious picture of oneself; a way in which people share an identity and congregate with a strong sense of belonging. They belong to the region, to the landscape, to the history and its culture, but most of all they belong to each other. In each village of each valley the ingredients are the same, yet the execution differs and ads another local layer of expression.

COLOURS 2020 - Full Colour Forecast

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, a void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep and unknown. So begins the legend of creation which brings us a multitude of inspirations, reflecting very new directions in colour. A range of muted colours is presented, moving from the darkness of our times, into the light and shadows, followed by the evolution of new hues connected to natural elements and animals; culminating in a celebration of diversity through the beautiful brown tones of human skin. These nuances and monochromes herald a much softer way of designing colour for the summers to come.

ACTIVEWEAR FOCUS SUMMER 2020 - Full Trend Forecast

The current religious belief in streetwise clothes and STREET styling has reached epic proportions, a deep movement that started in the 60’s with the Paris student protests and has never stopped since, is now getting generalized as never before. Concurrent with the ideas of collusion and delusion at the political angle, the strength of streetwear seems to behave as a counterbalance to chaos and disorder, as if it is the only sure thing we have left in life. A young guard of graduates and self-declared designers takes center stage and influences all other expressions of fashion, whether in volume brands or luxury houses. With a fluid gender identity and using advanced textiles with bits of technology, the flow of identical clothes is unstoppable and as a result, it becomes difficult to find ways to identify as a brand, TO DISCERN YOUR OWN DOMAIN. Therefore we decided to take a closer look at what street actually means and how we can interpret its diverse cultures in newer ways of designing and styling and other ways of colouring and finishing. From now on streetwear can be seen as a new category of its own, with its own influences and unspoken rules and regulations bubbling up from the public to influence the highest-ranking designers.


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You can buy your Li Edelkoort seminar-ticket starting from Tuesday, 29.01.2019 at the Munich Fabric Start venue. Please come to our cash office / Foyer / Hall 2.



Lidewij Edelkoort is one of the world’s most famous trend forecasters. As an intuitive thinker who travels the world studying the evolution of socio-cultural trends before sharing this information with her clients in industries as diverse as fashion, textiles, interiors, cars, cosmetics, retail and food. Under her Paris-based company Trend Union, Edelkoort creates trend books two or more years ahead that are tools used by strategists, designers and marketers at international brands.


MOC MUNICH, Atrium 1 in Hall 1
Lilienthalallee 40 in 80939 Munich

The seminar will be hold in English. Ticket price is incl. VAT.




Get inspired by the SEASON'S UPDATE

MUNICH FABRIC START event and trend publications document in detail the latest trends and colour tendencies for the new season. You can order the publications here. We offer a range of packages at reduced prices.  

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Autumn.Winter 19/20

Trend Book für 60 € bestellen

Trend Book

60 €

Colour Code für 95 € bestellen

Colour Code

95 €

Farbkarte & Colourcode für 125 € bestellen


125 €

Spring.Summer 19

Farbkarte für 45 € bestellen

Trend Code

50 €

Colourcode für85 € bestellen

Colour code

85 €

Farbkarte & Colourcode für 115 € bestellen


115 €


Explore the five trend themes for Spring.Summer 2018 with atmospherically designed impressions from art, culture architecture and design, the world of theatre and movies already at this early stage.

The TREND CODE documents the key fabrics and colours of Spring.Summer 2018 and point out the latest technical developments. The trendsetting catwalk highlights are incorporated according to the themes into high-selling collection tableaux. This is complemented by revealing colour compositions that pinpoint the principal colours with their associated accent tones (and PANTONE codes) at an early point in time.

A service that offers you valuable additional information which can be introduced into your workflow direct.

Price: € 50


Find the general colour card for the season in the COLOUR CODE - exclusively presented as correspondingly dyed high-quality yarns - ensuring a tactile fashion experience in addition to the visual impression. On a practical note, you will find 20 metres yarn per colour with associated PANTONE codes as a tool supporting communication in your operations.

Price: € 85

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