BAST RECAST – Sustainable TENCEL™ X HEMP Innovations

Halle 6 / Kohlebunker / Zenith Areal

Listen from all the many collaborators on this years TENCEL™ BAST RECAST sustainable denim collection, using latest technology in Wet spun and Cottonized Hemp. (EN)

FABRIC.ID – Digitize your Fabric

Halle 6 / Kohlebunker / Zenith Areal

Material Digitalisierung für Produkt-Entwicklung und Produktion

The evolution of stretch – addressing comfort & sustainability

TREND LECTURES | Keyhouse - Hall 5

Skinny jeans remain top sellers but looser styles are chipping away at their long-standing market dominance. Sustainable design guidelines recommend avoiding fibre blends. But comfort remains a top priority for consumers. How are denim mills and manufacturers navigating the complex market dynamics for elasticity in denims?

Future Materials: The Race for New Textiles

TREND LECTURES | Keyhouse - Hall 5

Textiles are getting a sustainability makeover thanks to recycled textiles, regeneratively farmed cotton and mushroom-based leather, but are these materials worth the investment and long-term commitments required to scale.

NEWTOPIA – Reconstructing The Jeans of The Future From Scratch


The Denim industry has done a lot on sustainability lately. If there's still something missing this would be a full scale practice to create the methodology that describes how today's Denim can be produced as good as it gets. Join this panel to learn from the expertise of our guests who will explain how things […]

Textiles 2023: Rethinking the Thread that Binds Us

TREND LECTURES | Keyhouse - Hall 5

This panel aims to address the multifaceted nature of textiles in 2023, taking into account the rise in fabric innovation, the importance of sustainability, and the many challenges and opportunities associated with textile waste and recycling. We will venture beyond the usual discussions about textiles and dive into the significant but lesser-explored subjects such as […]