Sustainable Innovations

SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS is the platform for exciting, emerging designers who create extraordinary material developments and rethink the textile world – with these insights you are always one step ahead of the market.

Scalable material innovations and future-proof processes are presented as show cases offering real solutions to problems with the most innovative textile developments. Curated by Simon Angel, the forum has been an integral part of KEYHOUSE since 2016.

Next Show

18/07 – 20/07/2023


References of exhibitors in this area are:

Mycotex | Beyond Surface Technologies | Frumat | Orange Fiber | Fruitleather | Fixing Fashion | Pauline van Dongen | Seaweed Design | i:co | Design for Circularity | Living Colour | Nat-2 | Shahar Livne Design

»The textile value chain is currently being radically rethought. Every company has to deal with these impulses and develop individual concepts. One thing is certain: in the future, too, only those companies will be successful whose fashion fascinates and who act in an economically sensible manner. Digital processes, decentralized production, smaller batches, shorter lead times, comprehensive transparency and new circular business models – it remains exciting to see which of these developments are scalable and when.«

Alexander Vogt, Kern. Consulting


Take yeast, bacteria and sweetened green tea – this mix becomes a biodegradable, resistant and highly flexible material after a fermentation process. How it works? Microbes spin nano fibres of bacterial cellulose onto a surface. Once this layer dries, it becomes a solid material with properties very similar to leather. Experiments with plant dyes and dyes from fruit waste have resulted in a fabric collection with bright colours, different light transmission and varied patterns.

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